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If it wasn't official when he filed for re-election the day after his inauguration, it's official now: President Trump is running for re-election, and he put up a YUGE number in the 24 hours following the rally (the RNC did too!). The DNC has only brought in half of what the RNC has AND is $6M in debt plus their new $10M credit line [insert sad trombone here]. Across the state, y'all held 104 watch parties for the President's campaign launch, 21 more than any other state (Texas was second with 83)! Budget negotiations continue in Raleigh and a new poll from liberal group Public Policy Polling is bad news for Cooper. Let's dig in to this week.



We'll begin with South Carolina Senator Tim Scott. The only African-American Republican in the U.S. Senate (although that could change if Michigan candidate John James wins next year) is working on a new project. Similar to NY Rep. Elise Stefanik's efforts with female conservative candidates, Sen. Scott is working to recruit conservative minority candidates for office. The Wall Street Journal

This Politico story is just brutal for the DNC. The headline is all you need to know: "The biggest nightmare Perez ever possibly imagined." POLITICO

Single payer is the litmus test du jour for Democrats running for president. Ahead of the first Democrat presidential primary debates next week, this group is getting ready to tell Americans what happens in other countries that have single payer. It ain't gonna be pretty, and take a wild guess when they're running these ads? McClatchy DC

We all remember those contentious hearings to confirm Justice Kavanaugh, but do you remember the Republican Senators who were doxxed during them? Sens. Lindsay Graham, Orrin Hatch, and Mike Lee had their personal information put out via their Wikipedia pages. Guess what happened to the Democrat staffer who did it? The Washington Free Beacon


Let's blend DC and NC to start here. A couple months ago, UNC held a conference with a taxpayer-funded grant regarding issues in the Middle East that featured some serious anti-Semitic content. Rep. George Holding pushed for an investigation, and now one is happening. The News & Observer

North Carolina State House Rep. Rena Turner is resigning next week to spend more time with family. If you've never met her, she is one of the nicest people to work with in the House. The Iredell County GOP will get to decide her replacement, so who's putting their name forward? Statesville Landmark & Record

The liberal group Public Policy Polling put out a new poll this week that spells bad news for Roy Cooper. It seems like his numerous failures or scandals like the Atlantic Coast Pipeline or hurricane relief funding are starting to catch up to him as more people are paying attention. He's had a net loss of 10 points and now sits underwater. Check out the rest of the poll but take the numbers with a small grain of salt: PPP is a B-rated pollster that skews D. Carolina Journal

NC Policy Watch, a left-wing blog site, published a piece likening the refusal to expand Medicaid to Jim Crow. No, it wasn't satire. Regardless, if you come across the same argument from others, here's how you break it down. NC Civitas



The House passed a $1T minibus bill that funded national security nearly $16B less than what the White House requested. Every single one of your Republican representatives voted against it and even seven Democrats joined them opposing this bad bill. The Senate confirmed more judges per usual and added a new Assistant Secretary of Energy, where she will oversee nuclear energy (a resource that is essential for providing clean power for future population growth). The Senate also passed resolutions blocking some arms sales to Saudi Arabia and the UAE. 


Lots of movement this week outside of budget negotiations. The House passed a bill changing the statute of limitations regarding sexual assault cases, another one allowing game-day alcohol sales at college stadiums, and moving another bill eliminating tuition surcharges at UNC system campuses. Republicans continue to lead when it comes to criminal justice reform, and a bill passed by the Senate earlier gets support from Americans For Tax Reform via Grover Norquist for House consideration. Next week, the House will consider a bill to require a financial literacy course to be taught in high school. On the redistricting side, Republicans aren't taking the smear campaign from "nonpartisan" (read: liberal) Common Cause NC lying down. 

The Senate advanced a bill that would require sheriffs to work with ICE regarding detainers for illegal immigrants who have been arrested for other crimes. Speaking of criminal justice reform, the Senate is set to consider a bill to help make it easier to obtain professional licenses for those who have left incarceration. It was passed unanimously by the House earlier.


Want to be a part of the massive grassroots army to help keep NC red in 2020? Sign up for future Trump Victory program trainings here: Trump Victory Leadership Initiative

Third District Primary Runoff Dates:

Absentee ballot voting - Started May 24 (request an absentee ballot here)

Early voting begins - Started June 19 (find your county's early voting location here)

Early voting ends - July 5

Election Day - July 9

Ninth District General Election Dates:

Absentee ballot voting begins - July 27

Early voting begins - August 21

Early voting ends - September 6

Election Day - September 10

The North Carolina Teenage Republicans (TARS) will have their annual convention next Friday! Come out and support the next generation of conservatives to lead the Party: NCGOP TARS Convention

The Orange County GOP will hold a Pig Pickin' BBQ and Fundraiser on June 29th! Check out their page for more details: Pig Pickin' BBQ Fundraiser

The Guilford County YRs will hold an event celebrating civil rights with Lt. Col. Allen West on July 6th! Head out to Greensboro to take part. Tickets and details are here: A Celebration of Civil Rights featuring Lt Col Allen West

The East Wake Republican Club is holding their annual Red, White, & BBQ event on July 13th! This is always a fun event and has some star power in terms of candidates attending, so get your tickets here: Red, White, & BBQ


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