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Another exciting week is in the books. First and foremost, a big congratulations to our very own Jeff Hauser and his wife on the birth of their first child! With Jeff now changing diapers, he’s entrusted his intern Dylan, yours truly, with this week’s recap. Now, let’s get to the news: 



This week’s biggest story was undoubtedly the testimony of Special Counsel Robert Mueller on Capitol Hill. Democrats were hunting for soundbites that could aid them in 2020, but Mueller stuck to the findings from his report and failed to give the hard left the impeachment ammunition they were looking for. Despite this reality, radical Democrats are still giving Nancy Pelosi fits – pushing her to pursue impeachment proceedings against President Trump. National Review

The Trump administration grabbed headlines this week by moving to resume the use of the death penalty at the federal level. Justice Department officials have supported the move, while it has drawn condemnation from top Democrats and the UN. For a balanced rundown of the issue, including which criminals the DOJ is focusing on for capital punishment, check out this article from Reuters.

Ilhan Omar still can’t seem to stay out of the news. Remember when Omar and the rest of “the Squad” condemned President Trump’s rhetoric calling to “send her back” for her anti-American sentiment? This week, old tweets resurfaced from Rep. Omar and her squad-mate Rashida Tlaib where they called for the deportation of political opponents. Oops! Newsweek

We’ll wrap up the national news on a lighter note. The second round of Democrat debates are coming up next week, and they just got more interesting. It has been reported that the National Anthem will be played before the debate after the Jay Inslee (who?) campaign asked whether or not it would be during a CNN logistics call. Will Inslee kneel for the anthem? Will other Dems try to match his weakness and kneel as well? We will certainly find out soon.


This may sound like a broken record at this point, but Roy Cooper is still holding the budget hostage over his radical liberal priorities. Check out this interview with Speaker Moore to learn how Republicans are trying to combat the Governor’s harmful veto: WFAE

Meanwhile, the left’s attempt to “sue NC blue” is still in progress in the courts. Democrats are still trying to litigate their way to new maps to make up for their electoral deficiencies even though the U.S. Supreme Court has already shot the liberal plaintiffs down. Get an update on the state lawsuit here: Carolina Journal

Speaking of redistricting, radical progressives are trying to push through a new redistricting bill in the General Assembly. Find out just how far Democrats will go should they ever gain power: Civitas

One last bit of news from the courts: in a win for common sense Voter ID protections and fair elections, a three-judge panel ruled late last Friday that North Carolina can go forth with Voter ID requirements in 2020. While this lawsuit is far from over, all but one of the complaints were dismissed. Read more here.



This week, the House passed a compromise between the Trump Administration and lawmakers that raises the debt ceiling and increases spending for the next two years. Sixty-five Republicans voted to pass the deal, and 16 Democrats voted against.


Your state legislators made progress on multiple fronts this week. The NC House approved new school safety initiatives to keep our children safe while they’re being educated. In the Senate, final approval was given to a bill that will penalize scammers who use robocalls to trick North Carolinians. The bill will prohibit the use of fake numbers by solicitors and institute new fines for violators.


Want to be a part of the massive grassroots army to help keep NC red in 2020? Sign up for future Trump Victory program trainings here: Trump Victory Leadership Initiative

Third And Ninth District General Election Dates:

Absentee ballot voting begins - July 27

Early voting begins - August 21

Early voting ends - September 6

Election Day - September 10

Our second Unity Reception is tomorrow in Brevard! Details here.

The Union County GOP will be holding a picnic to benefit the judges running for SCONC and the Court of Appeals in 2020 on August 24th. Want to attend? Check it out: Union County GOP Judges Picnic.

For future planning purposes, the Chatham County GOP is hosting a candidate forum for 2019 municipal and 2020 candidates. Want to attend? Click here for details

The Surry County Republican Party will be having their annual Drawdown on September 7th. Learn more here.

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