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Hope everyone had a safe and happy Fourth. Bit of a lull this week in Raleigh for the holiday but some fireworks are scheduled for next week. Oh, did I mention that the President is coming to NC? More on that at the end. The primary runoff between Drs. Joan Perry and Greg Murphy comes to a head on Tuesday. If you're in the Third and haven't voted yet, make plans to do so. If you've already voted or you're not in the Third and know someone that is, go make sure they vote. Before you settle in to watch Sunday's Women's World Cup Final against the Netherlands, check out these stories.



We'll start with some international news from new White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham. Apparently, she got a little roughed up during the trip to North Korea in defense of the 1st Amendment. Check out what happened. The Hill

Out west, Nike announced they were pulling a pair of shoes that had the Betsy Ross American flag sewn into the heel after ex-NFL QB Colin Kaepernick complained it was offensive (it only took 6 years for that flag to go from patriotic to offensive). In response, Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey pulled all the financial incentives from Nike for a new plant they were going to build outside of Phoenix. For a balanced rundown, check out this piece. The Federalist

In Portland this past week, Andy Ngo was brutally attacked by far-left Antifa activists. "Jeff, who's Andy Ngo?" Glad you asked: he's a gay conservative journalist with Quillette, an online outlet. The muted response from LGBT groups or downright endorsement of his attack by the far left shows more of their blatant hypocrisy. Washington Examiner

Last week were the first two Democrat presidential debates. They were both complete dumpster fires, endorsing far left positions like free healthcare for illegal immigrants or support of forced busing from Kamala Harris and Joe Biden. Enjoy this rough take on the debates. The New York Times


The Charlotte City Council has been the subject of a lot of bad news stories over the past couple years. Fed up, the Mecklenburg GOP is having none of their shenanigans and is suing them for violating open records laws. WSOC

As mentioned last week, the SCOTUS ruling regarding partisan gerrymandering was the correct one, but a similar case is working its way through state court as well. What kind of impact does the federal ruling have on a state court? Carolina Journal

#WrongDan McCready is already struggling against Sen. Dan Bishop in the 9th District race with a string of bad headlines about his solar investment company. A new story is out about how McCready sat on a nonprofit board that lobbied for policies that helped his bottom line. Washington Examiner

Governor Cooper is holding teacher pay raises and education funding hostage over one issue from his liberal wish list. One of his main critiques of the budget is that it lowers the corporate tax rate and Cooper doesn't like it when all businesses get a break instead of the ones he gets to pick and choose. Read more about his hypocrisy. John Locke Foundation



Both chambers were out on recess for Independence Day.


As mentioned last week, a Certificate Of Need (CON) reform bill was making its way through Senate committees and was passed Tuesday on a floor vote. After the fiasco in the 9th, there have been rumblings of a bill to combat absentee ballot fraud and such a bill was introduced this week. No votes on the House floor this week but next week has the budget override vote. If you haven't contacted your legislators or submitted letters to your local paper calling on Cooper to prioritize education funding over his liberal wish list, do it.


Trump is coming to NC! Haven't gotten your tickets yet? Go here: President Trump Greenville Rally

Want to be a part of the massive grassroots army to help keep NC red in 2020? Sign up for future Trump Victory program trainings here: Trump Victory Leadership Initiative

Third District Primary Runoff Dates:

Absentee ballot voting - Started May 24 (request an absentee ballot here)

Early voting begins - Started June 19 (find your county's early voting location here)

Early voting ends - TODAY!

Election Day - July 9

Ninth District General Election Dates:

Absentee ballot voting begins - July 27

Early voting begins - August 21

Early voting ends - September 6

Election Day - September 10

The Guilford County YRs will hold an event celebrating civil rights with Lt. Col. Allen West on July 6th! Head out to Greensboro to take part. Tickets and details are here: A Celebration of Civil Rights featuring Lt Col Allen West

The inaugural meeting of the Uptown Charlotte Republican Women's Club is on July 10th! Details here: Uptown Charlotte Republican Women's Club

In Durham County, there's a new chapter of Young Republicans starting up! Head over to their inaugural meeting on July 11th: Durham County YR Meeting

The East Wake Republican Club is holding their annual Red, White, & BBQ event on July 13th! This is always a fun event and has some star power in terms of candidates attending, so get your tickets here: Red, White, & BBQ

The Union County GOP will be holding a picnic to benefit the judges running for SCONC and the Court of Appeals in 2020 on August 24th. Want to attend? Check it out: Union County GOP Judges Picnic


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