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We have our first dropout of the 2020 Democrat presidential primary: former Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper (*cues up the movie Tombstone* Well...bye). Early voting for the 3rd and the 9th Congressional District special elections has started! Head over to the Special Election Info page on the NCGOP website to find out the dates and hours of your county's early voting sites. Cooper continues to hold the budget hostage over his Medicaid expansion ultimatum, costing you over a million dollars. Want to know how many mainstream media networks have written a stand-alone article about the $896M surplus? I'll give you a hint: it starts with "z" and ends with "ero."



After the tragic shootings in El Paso and Dayton, Democrats are predictably going to the wall with a semi-automatic firearm ban that has 200 cosponsors in the House, while others have called for a discussion regarding "red flag" laws. What about universal background checks? For you policy wonks, take a trip into the weeds regarding their constitutionality. National Review

Sen. Kamala Harris and Bernie Sanders, along with the North Carolina Democrat Party, have endorsed Medicare For All. Like most liberal policies, it has a plurality of support until people find out what's behind the curtain and then it drops dramatically. So what happened when Sen. Harris was confronted about M4A on a campaign stop? The Washington Times

Back in December 2016, NC Democrats and progressive groups whined that NCGA Republicans were going to pack the state Supreme Court. It never happened. Today, Democrats are livid regarding the confirmation of Gorsuch and Kavanaugh, and several candidates have proposed packing SCOTUS with liberal judges. Now, Senate Democrats are threatening SCOTUS: rule our way on the 2nd Amendment or else. Fox News

You've probably heard about Israel denying anti-Semitic Reps. Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar entrance to the country (probably didn't help their itinerary was titled "US Delegation To Palestine"). Rep. Tlaib she said she wanted to visit her grandmother, and would abide by any rules and not promote any boycotts of the country while there, so Israel then said ok. Of course, now she's not going. Here's what you don't know: the group sponsoring their trip is an anti-Semitic Palestinian non-profit that published a pro-neo-Nazi article about Jewish control of the media and a "blood libel" article. Jewish Telegraphic Agency


Legislators in the NCGA have pushed an anti-sanctuary cities bill, aimed at requiring sheriffs to cooperate with the 287(g) program, and Sen. Tillis filed federal legislation to do the same. Here's a great example of why these sheriffs should be choosing to participate: the Mecklenburg County Sheriff didn't notify ICE when they released an illegal immigrant who had allegedly raped a minor, compromising public safety. WNCN

Back to Medicaid expansion for a bit. Democrats like far left Rep. Graig Meyer have claimed there isn't a downside to expanding (there is) and others have claimed there aren't other programs to address those that fall in the coverage gap (there are). There is one thing that people aren't addressing: why does health care cost so much in the first place and how do we decrease those costs? The Fayetteville Observer

Let's go back into the policy weeds for you wonks out there. Democrats have claimed that lowering the corporate tax rate is a giveaway to corporations, choosing instead to hypocritically support tax incentives for companies that relocate to NC. Translated, that means they don't like lowering taxes for businesses unless they get to choose said businesses. Check out this Stanford study on what happens when states raise corporate income taxes instead of lowering them like NC. Insights by Stanford Business

Greedy Dan McCready is desperately trying to keep up with Sen. Dan Bishop and the conservative ad machine informing voters of McCready's terrible record. McCready has claimed he's not accepting "dark money" but like many Democrat campaigns, he's a complete hypocrite. The Washington Free Beacon



Both chambers are out on the August recess.


Day 46 of the Cooper Budget Hostage Experience, holding up a $24B budget over Medicaid expansion to impress his campaign donors. Legislators are going directly to areas that will be positively affected by the budget like Greensboro. Speaker Moore called out House Minority Leader Darren Jackson for his stunning hypocrisy regarding the budget. Backstory: Jackson was one of a few Democrats to flip and vote to override Perdue's 2012 budget veto because he was concerned about state employee pay raises. Now it seems he doesn't care about them unless Medicaid expansion comes with it. School safety has been a major issue for the last couple years, so the House moved a bill aimed at addressing safety needs. Another interesting new change is for electric vehicles and how charging stations can operate more like gas stations. Rumors are that Cooper plans to veto S.B. 86, which established Association Health Plans to help businesses afford to provide health insurance for their employees. That's right: the same guy holding the budget hostage over Medicaid expansion might veto a bill aimed at addressing people in the coverage gap. Tell him to sign the bill: 919-814-2000.


Want to be a part of the massive grassroots army to help keep NC red in 2020? Sign up for future Trump Victory program trainings here: Trump Victory Leadership Initiative

Third And Ninth District General Election Dates:

Absentee ballot voting has begun! Visit VOTE.GOP to request your absentee ballot.

Early voting begins - August 21

Early voting ends - September 6

Election Day - September 10

There are a multitude of events for Dr. Greg Murphy! Go to his Facebook page here and check out one of the events!

Another day of action, this one out east in support of Dr. Greg Murphy on August 17th! There are multiple locations to help out, so check it out here: Dr. Greg Murphy Day Of Action. Can't knock doors? Make phone calls at NCGOP HQ or from your home! Details here: One For Three: Make Some Calls For Murphy. After you're done, join Dr. Murphy and Chairman Whatley for a volunteer appreciation event! Details are here: NC03 Volunteer Appreciation Event

On August 20th, the Durham County GOP will hold a meet-and-greet for the two candidates vying to unseat Pelosi liberal Rep. GK Butterfield. Events starts at 7pm at their HQ.

On Friday August 23rd is the 1st Congressional District Unity reception! Details on how to RSVP are here: 1st District Unity Reception

The Union County GOP will be holding a picnic to benefit the judges running for SCONC and the Court of Appeals in 2020 on August 24th. Want to attend? Check it out: Union County GOP Judges Picnic

From September 6-8, there will be an entire weekend of action in support of Dan Bishop! Check out the event page for more info. 2019 Weekend of Action

The Surry County Republican Party will be having their annual Drawdown on September 7th. Learn more here.

For future planning purposes, the Chatham County GOP is hosting a candidate forum for 2019 municipal and 2020 candidates on September 10th. Want to attend? Click here for details

Join the Moore County GOP for Trump Country 2020! Check out their website here for details on how to attend the event: Moore County GOP

The Clay County GOP is holding their fall picnic and rally on on September 28. Things get rolling at 2pm at the Clay County Rec Park Pavilion at 47 Clay Recreation Park Road in Hayesville. Feel free to bring a covered dish and come on out!


Exactly one year ago today was the very first Republican Recap. To all of you who have emailed, called, or texted me over what goes into it, improvements, and constructive criticism, I can't thank you all enough. I've had a ton of fun putting these together each week, putting my own spin on a few things and injecting some humor into what can be mundane. Looking forward to improving and writing many more as we get into 2020.

Thank you all.


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