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Welcome to the inaugural Republican Recap. Each Friday, we'll be sending out stories from the political arena, informing you about upcoming events, and highlighting candidates for this November. Click on the links to read the stories and stay up to date on what's going on. Let's get started.



The nationwide economic growth last quarter was clocked at a blistering 4.1%, the largest growth in four years. Today, companies like Walmart and Cisco posted their best financial results in years, which shows the growth is real and widespread: CNBC

Democrats move further outside of the mainstream as they embrace socialism, and a Vox article (yes, liberal website Vox) broke down the cost of the destructive democratic socialist agenda: a staggering $42.5 trillion that would require massive tax hikes. And these figures are from liberal think tanks! Vox

The same pro-open-borders DNC Vice-Chair Keith Ellison that has close ties to rabid anti-Semites Louis Farrakhan and Linda Sarsour, the featured speaker at the North Carolina Democrat Party Sanford-Hunt-Frye breakfast last year, has been accused of abusing his ex-girlfriend. The DNC and the NCDP? Deafening silence. Washington Free Beacon

The infighting in the Democrat Party continues to rage on. This op-ed is one you should definitely read to see how far to the left the Democrat Party wants to go: The Week


Speaking of the NCDP and democratic socialism, a core pillar of their platform is a statewide single-payer bill. Liberal Rep. Verla Insko filed the single-payer bill last year as a political stunt, and at least 56 Democrat candidates across the state have signed a pledge to enact it. The cost to you? Just a paltry $72 BILLION paid for by enormous tax increases. Read about it here: The News & Observer

Many of you in eastern NC were affected by Hurricane Matthew. Governor Cooper's response has been nothing short of incompetent. He visited Fair Bluff where he refused to meet with residents: WWAY

Reporters questioned Cooper on how long it would take for residents of affected areas to receive funding. He refused to provide an answer: WBTV

Cooper's 30+ years in state government continue to catch up with him as his stunning hypocrisy takes center stage. Missed the email from this week? Click here for the press release. 

For the fourth straight year, NC has posted a revenue surplus. This year it was $440 million, and a report from the nonpartisan Fiscal Research Division of the NCGA revised the projected surplus for next year upwards to $276.5 million. The pro-growth policies continue to provide dividends. Here's the short report: NCGA Fiscal Research Division

The same policies that resulted in a surplus have resulted in unprecedented growth for the North Carolina Port system. Jobs, jobs, and more jobs as our state and national economy continues to hum along: American Journal of Transportation



Incumbent Justice Barbara Jackson continues her statewide tour. It's critical that we re-elect her this November. Jackson's opponent is a far-left activist that has spent the last 11 years suing the state and losing. For campaign updates, to donate, and to volunteer, you can sign up on her campaign website here.


Thirteenth District Representative Ted Budd, running against Nancy Pelosi's handpicked candidate liberal mega-funder Kathy Manning, released his first ad of the campaign. View the ad here and check out his campaign website here. Next Saturday August 25th, join Ted Budd with Congressman Mark Meadows in Statesville. Watch your email for additional details and where to sign up.


Our first candidate spotlight is on Todd Johnson, running in the 35th District to replace retiring Sen. Tommy Tucker.  Todd is a conservative businessman, family man, and public servant who kept his word and established a solid conservative record as a County Commissioner of North Carolina’s 10th most populous county.  Want to know more about him? Visit his campaign page here


First up is John Adcock, running in the 37th District. He has served on multiple committees for his church in Holly Springs, the Town of Fuquay-Varina and its chamber of commerce. John’s leadership has and will continue to make a positive impact for all of the communities of District 37. Visit his campaign page here.

Our second House candidate is Marilyn Brown, running in the 116th District. Settling in the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina in 1995, Marilyn and her husband, Bill, have raised their three children and become deeply involved in their community. Marilyn pursued her professional dream of helping children through teaching music in public and private schools at all grade levels. Visit her campaign page here.


TED BUDD/MARK MEADOWS EVENT: Saturday August 25 in Statesville. Watch your email for additional details.

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Hope everyone has a good weekend!

Jeff Hauser


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