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Welcome back college football and goodbye N.Y. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand as she drops out of the presidential race. A supposed moderate at one point, she's now exiting stage far left (see what I did there?) from poor polling and worse fundraising. For those who are gluttons for punishment, the next Democrat debate in September will be just one night with 10 candidates, although they did schedule a SEVEN-HOUR town hall. Tickets are still available for the Trump rally in Fayetteville and early voting is in full swing for the 3rd and 9th. If you haven't voted yet, don't wait. Do it tomorrow. Resources are below.



The big story last year was the surge of Democrat women who ran for office as the numbers of Republican women dwindled. Ladies, y'all are the life of the Party and many heard the call to run for office. This year, there will be more Republican women than ever to run for office. NBC News

Speaking of Democrat women, there has been a lot of reporting about anti-Semitic Rep. Ilhan Omar's arraignment with her brother. If you think that drama was crazy, you haven't seen anything yet. New York Post

Democrats and a few of their high-profile media allies have come under fire for making up combat stories, perhaps most notably Hillary's complete fabrication about coming under sniper fire. Former Vice President Joe Biden is trying to usurp Hillary with this doozy. The Washington Post

A Republican staffer criticized Obama's daughters in a private forum, and CNN hunted her down, camped out in front of her parents' house, and she was fired. Other outlets have tracked down people who made memes (!!!) critical of their outlets or doxxed those who dared speak out. Needless to say, what goes around comes around. HotAir


In 2016, the far-left flank of the Democrat Party complained the DNC was rigging the primary against Bernie Sanders. The DSCC, the Democrats' senatorial campaign arm, is coming under fire for rigging the Colorado Senate primary for John Hickenlooper despite several other candidates running. Take a wild guess what Chuck Schumer is doing in NC? Real Clear Politics

Governor Cooper, most legislative Democrats, and nearly all of the "experts" at NC Policy Watch despise school choice, espousing commentary dripping with disdain over the concept that parents should choose what's best for their child. In the face of overwhelming support for school choice, NCPW's experts play the "racist" tripe over and over. The smear isn't stopping, nor is the support of school choice among all political and racial demographics. The Wall Street Journal

Governor Cooper and his administration have demonstrated complete incompetence regarding hurricane relief funding. This week, Cooper's communications director admitted that out of the $2.8 billion they've received, they've spent $93 million. Not a typo. Legislators are fed up and Sen. Tillis is introducing legislation to go around the incompetent Cooper administration. Carolina Journal

Cooper continues to insist that the budget he's holding hostage include Medicaid expansion. We've talked about this ad nauseam and legislative Republicans are ramping up the pressure as children and teachers go without the needed education funding in the budget. He's losing the battle here, and he knows it. The Courier-Times



Both chambers are still in their August recess.


North Carolina is transitioning to a managed-care Medicaid program and the final details passed both chambers. Because Governor Cooper is holding the budget hostage over his Medicaid expansion ultimatum, legislators are passing the budget in pieces instead with several passing this week. Speaking of Cooper, health care, and profiles in courage, the Association Health Plan bill became law without his signature (how dare people go around Obamacare to get health insurance?!). As mentioned last week, legislators are looking for ways to stop absentee ballot harvesting and Rep. David Lewis is leading the charge.


Want to be a part of the massive grassroots army to help keep NC red in 2020? Sign up for future Trump Victory program trainings here: Trump Victory Leadership Initiative

Third And Ninth District General Election Dates:

Visit VOTE.GOP to request your absentee ballot or find your early voting location.

Early voting begins - August 21

Early voting ends - September 6

Election Day - September 10

There are a multitude of events for Dr. Greg Murphy! Go to his Facebook page here and check out one of the events!

Tomorrow morning, join NCGOP Chairman Whatley for some coffee before going out to knock doors for Dan Bishop! Coffee With The Chairman

The Yancey County GOP will be holding a "Keep America Great" golf tournament on August 31st! Check out the details here to sign up and play: Keep America Great Golf Tournament

From September 6-8, there will be an entire weekend of action in support of Dan Bishop! Check out the event page for more info. 2019 Weekend of Action

The Surry County Republican Party will be having their annual Drawdown on September 7th. Learn more here.

September 9th is the next Trump rally in Fayetteville. Need tickets? Get them here: President Trump Fayetteville Rally

For future planning purposes, the Chatham County GOP is hosting a candidate forum for 2019 municipal and 2020 candidates on September 10th. Want to attend? Click here for details

The Raleigh Republican Club is hosting a Raleigh City Council candidate meet-and-greet and to talk about the Association Health Plans on Sept. 12th. Check it out! Raleigh Republican Club September Meeting

Ever wanted to run for office or manage a campaign? You're in luck. The North Carolina Federation of Republican Women is holding a campaign school for those interested on Sept. 14th. Sign up here: NCFRW Campaign School

Also on the 14th is the Rowan County's Fourth Annual Patriot's Day Golf tournament. Sign up here to grab 18 on a Saturday afternoon with fellow conservatives: Rowan County GOP Patriot's Day Golf Tournament

Join the Moore County GOP for Trump Country 2020 on Sept. 22nd! Check out their website here for details on how to attend the event: Moore County GOP

The Clay County GOP is holding their fall picnic and rally on on September 28. Things get rolling at 2pm at the Clay County Rec Park Pavilion at 47 Clay Recreation Park Road in Hayesville. Feel free to bring a covered dish and come on out!


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