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Whooooo boy. So much for a quiet week after the two victories on September 10th. Another Democrat debate that saw Beto O'Rourke state, "Hell yes we're gonna take your AR-15" and endorsed a mandatory government buyback program (although they can't "buy it back" if it was never theirs to begin with). Don't let anyone tell you that Democrats aren't coming for your Second Amendment rights. Joe Biden said that anyone who commits a non-violent crime shouldn't be in jail (looks like I'm never paying taxes again). Lots of misinformation about the Wednesday override vote, so let's clear that up.



It's no secret that Sen. Warren is considered the "leading" policy wonk among the Democrats running for president. She has plans. Lots of them. The problem? They're consistently unconstitutional. National Review

Let's stick with Sen. Warren for a second. Many, if not all of the Democrat presidential candidates (and other federal Dem candidates for that matter), have stated that they will not accept corporate PAC contributions. Sen. Warren, like the vast majority of her colleagues, is a huge hypocrite. The New York Times

Allison Lundergan Grimes was Sen. McConnell's opponent in 2014. Her father - who was chairman of the Kentucky Democrat Party at the time - was accused of illegally contributing to her campaign. The case went to trial. Take a wild guess what happened? Lexington Herald-Leader

Education was a theme during the debate last night, and Democrats like Sen. Sanders have made it clear that they are going to reform education into a one-size-fits-all federal behemoth that would undoubtedly drag education backwards. Charter schools continue to thrive because some Democrats hate what's making a difference, especially for minority students: parental control. The Wall Street Journal


There were some interesting storylines from the victories of Congressmen-Elect Murphy and Bishop. Murphy expanded on Trump's margin of victory in the 3rd and Bishop flipped a few counties in the eastern part of the 9th, although we did cede a little ground in the suburbs of Meck. What could this mean for 2020? Roll Call

The sheriffs who have refused to work with the 287(g) program have come under a lot of fire, and for good reason. A new report is out that sheriffs across NC who haven't abided by the program have released nearly 500 illegal immigrants despite ICE detainers. WBTV

Over the past decade, carbon emissions have gone down as cars have become more efficient and the country uses more natural gas. The climate change doomsayers say that NC's air and water are dirtier today than 10 years ago. They're wrong, and here's why. John Locke Foundation

If you're wondering how fake news spreads, Wednesday's floor vote for the veto override is a great case study. Several outlets went with a story before they could verify the facts and they went viral. Local reporters pushed back on them, but it was too late (and the FB page comments and emails can prove it). Read these pieces from Red State and the Washington Examiner.



With both chambers back after the August recess, House Dems are pushing full-speed ahead with the politically unpopular impeachment proceedings. As promised by Speaker Pelosi, they're also going after your Second Amendment rights. While some Republicans are divided, the House voted to advance a bill to limit offshore drilling, although it's probably DOA in the Senate. 

To borrow a saying from a few college football teams, the Senate should be renamed into Judge Confirmation U. The Senate confirmed the 150th judicial nominee, continuing the President's focus to remake the federal judiciary.


This week has been redistricting, redistricting, and more redistricting. Lawmakers have until 9/18 to get the maps in, so don't expect the Senate to take up the budget veto override that the House passed until after then.


Want to be a part of the massive grassroots army to help keep NC red in 2020? Sign up for future Trump Victory program trainings here: Trump Victory Leadership Initiative

Ever wanted to run for office or manage a campaign? You're in luck. The North Carolina Federation of Republican Women is holding a campaign school for those interested on Sept. 14th. Sign up here: NCFRW Campaign School

Also on the 14th is the Rowan County's Fourth Annual Patriot's Day Golf tournament. Sign up here to grab 18 on a Saturday afternoon with fellow conservatives: Rowan County GOP Patriot's Day Golf Tournament

On Monday the 16th, join Congressman-Elect Dan Bishop for his swearing-in ceremony! RSVP to Following the ceremony, join Congressman-Elect Bishop at his new office: 132 Canon HOB.

Join the Moore County GOP for Trump Country 2020 on Sept. 22nd! Check out their website here for details on how to attend the event: Moore County GOP

The Clay County GOP is holding their fall picnic and rally on on September 28. Things get rolling at 2pm at the Clay County Rec Park Pavilion at 47 Clay Recreation Park Road in Hayesville. Feel free to bring a covered dish and come on out!


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