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Another Democrat drops out of the race - everyone's least favorite mayor, Bill de Blasio. Now he can go back to killing groundhogs and ignoring anti-Semitic attacks in NYC while collecting a $250K paycheck for working 7 hours a month. The Kavanaugh smear machine is back in action and once again The New York Times is forced to issue yet another correction of its reporting, further eroding trust in the media and confirming that some national reporters certainly have an agenda. We've got some great weather today and this weekend, so catch up on the stories you may have missed while enjoying that 70-degree evening.



If there's one thing that unites the entire Republican Party (and the all-important independent voting block), it's going after Justice Kavanaugh with unfounded smears. We're going to break this down three ways:

  • That "bombshell" New York Times story? Not a bombshell. Not even close. National Review
  • Doesn't matter that they have no evidence to prove the allegations. Far-left Rep. Ayanna Pressley - a member of the infamous Squad with Rep. Ocasio-Cortez and anti-Semitic Reps. Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib - introduced an impeachment resolution on the House floor. National Review
  • With her Presidential campaign floundering, Sen. Kamala Harris basically wants to establish an anti-Kavanaugh task force. There's just one problem. Washington Examiner

The cracks in the Democrat Party are beginning to become apparent with their posturing over Medicare For All. We all know it's a terrible idea for the country and once people find out what it costs, voters abandon the policy in droves. The North Carolina Democrat Party endorsed it, so let's hope Democrats keep pushing it. The Hill

I've mentioned this before and I'll keep mentioning it: ladies, you're the life of the Party for a reason and more of y'all should step up to run for office. On the national scale, buoyed by efforts to recruit conservative female candidates, Republican women are flooding into battleground races for 2020. National Journal

Let's dive into some policy here. An"assault weapons" ban has been a hot topic lately, and Beto "I'm polling at 0% and desperate" O'Rourke has gone even farther than last week, telling a crowd they'll come into people's homes to confiscate semi-automatic firearms. The question: does banning "assault weapons" have any effect on the homicide rate? Foundation For Economic Education


Democrats sought a silver-lining for losing both of the special elections. But what really happened? Check out this breakdown and take notes for your own area's demographics for 2020, i.e. how we can improve with one block and/or make inroads with another. The Charlotte Observer

Under Republican leadership, North Carolina has been a national leader in eliminating unnecessary regulations. One area especially has been criminal justice reform. Republican legislators are at the forefront of addressing CJ reform, and it's Congress that should take note. The Daily Signal

A teacher in Cuthbertson County is under investigation, allegedly calling for Vice President Mike Pnece "to be shot in the head." Needless to say, I'm sure Secret Service is taking that one well. Washington Examiner

The cheerleaders of North Stanly High School were suspended by the NCHSAA last week, and Rep. Richard Hudson is having none of it. Check out the latest on this 1st Amendment story. WCNC



The House passed a short-term spending bill meant to keep the government open through late November, setting up a showdown around Thanksgiving. The House also passed a bill to address help for low-income veterans and a carbon monoxide detector bill

The Senate is expected to take up the short-term spending bill next week and led a pretty quiet week with no real action.


This week was largely about redistricting. The court's deadline was 9/18, and both sets of maps were submitted for review. Both chambers also passed a bill to address the rape kit backlog that piled up under then-Attorney General Roy Cooper (who went on to lie about fixing it during his 2016 gubernatorial campaign). 


Want to be a part of the massive grassroots army to help keep NC red in 2020? Sign up for future Trump Victory program trainings here: Trump Victory Leadership Initiative

Municipal Election Tools:

Early Voting Sites - October Elections

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Join the Moore County GOP for Trump Country 2020 on Sept. 22nd! Check out their website here for details on how to attend the event: Moore County GOP

September 24th is National Voter Registration Day! Sign up here to join the Trump Victory campaign and help register voters in your area: National Voter Registration Day

The Clay County GOP is holding their fall picnic and rally on on September 28th. Things get rolling at 2pm at the Clay County Rec Park Pavilion at 47 Clay Recreation Park Road in Hayesville. Feel free to bring a covered dish and come on out!

On October 25th, join the 13th District GOP for Dinner with Ted Budd featuring guest speaker Rep. Mark Meadows! The dinner will be held at the Trump National Golf Club in Mooresville, NC. Tickets are here: Dinner With Ted Budd


For many of you, this week started early voting for your local municipal elections that take place in October (some of you don't have them until November, so your early voting starts about this time next month). The men and women who serve on city councils arguably have a greater effect on your lives than any federal or state legislator. If we're going to be serious about competing in urban areas again, it starts with getting out to vote in these elections. If you're active in your county party, make sure someone is putting together the municipal candidate information because most, if not all, of the races are nonpartisan. For those of you who are in deep blue areas, study the issues and play the long game. Flipping city council seats isn't going to happen overnight. Let's be proactive and plan for the next 4-6 years.

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