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With Hurricane Florence leaving behind a trail of flooding and destruction, let's make sure to help out our neighbors as the state starts its recovery efforts. Under the Stories From NC section, you'll find some links to donate supplies or funds to recovery efforts and if you know of any others, please send them to my way to get additional information out. Let's dive into the craziness from this week.



An internal survey from the RNC showed that many Republican voters don't believe a blue wave can happen. This kind of thinking is dangerous and could lead to Democrat control of Congress. Want to stop it? Vote. Get every last voter to the polls, whether it's absentee, early voting, or on Election Day. History is against us, so let's defy it: Bloomberg

As the economy continues to hum along, there's always one question in the background: when is the next recession? According to some economists, the chance of a recession for the next 3 years is low: CNBC

Some have heard about abortionist Dr. Kermit Gosnell and the atrocities committed by him. Some leaked emails show how NPR executive were going to bat on a story about him, further undermining trust in the press: The Daily Beast

The Kavanaugh confirmation has been at the forefront of the news cycle this past week because of the allegations by Dr. Ford. There are two things to highlight:

  • One, sexual assault allegations should not be ignored, but rather confronted. We cannot summarily judge through a partisan lens, but through due process (something Democrats seem to want to abandon): National Review
  • Two, both should testify. If Dr. Ford doesn't, Kavanaugh should go ahead and the Judiciary Committee should proceed with his confirmation. National Review

While the media is enthralled with the Kavanaugh allegations, your reminder that DNC Deputy Chair, Minnesota Attorney General candidate, and NC Democrat Party featured speaker Keith Ellison has been credibly accused of physical assault and Democrats are smearing her: The Hill

There was a great Vox article about the $42 trillion democratic socialist agenda Democrats want to put into place. Democratic socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was asked how she'd pay for it and the result was as bad as you would expect: CNN


Despite the sunnier skies over most of NC, there's still a danger as rivers crest with all the water. Read about the dangers of that water here: The News & Observer

A photo of a man and the kitten he rescued went viral. Check out the photo and the story behind it: The Charlotte Observer

The President visited North Carolina and South Carolina to survey the damage. NCGOP Vice Chair Michele Nix was featured in this story about Trump coming to the state: New Bern Sun Journal

The President has stated that the full disaster resources of the federal government are at the state's disposal. Read the recap of his visit: The News & Observer

As the state looks toward recovery, our median household income growth rate has been among the fastest in the country since 2010 when Republicans took over. Coupled with the strong economic climate nationally, North Carolina will recover and prosper after Florence: Carolina Journal

There are numerous local drives around the state that are collecting supplies to send to areas affected by Florence. If you'd like to donate funds, you can visit the Disaster Relief Fund. The NC DHHS is calling for medial professionals to volunteer as well.



First up is Dr. Mark Harris, running for Congress in the Ninth District. A husband, father, pastor, and community leader, Dr. Mark Harris has dedicated his adult life to serving people. Mark grew up in Winston-Salem, NC, the youngest of five children born to Everette and Virginia Harris. From an early age, Mark learned the importance of faith, family, hard work, service, and patriotism. You can view his new ad here and visit his campaign website here.


First for the House is Majority Leader Rep. John Bell IV. Bell is a native of Mount Olive, North Carolina and is a graduate of North Duplin High School. During his high school years, he attained the rank of Eagle Scout. He graduated from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington with a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice and Sociology. Representative Bell is serving his third term representing the citizens of House District 10 which includes parts of Craven, Greene, Lenoir and Wayne Counties. He chairs the House Select Committee on Disaster Relief. You can view his campaign website here.
Second is Rep. John Sauls. John Sauls, a North Carolina native and Lee County Resident, is a family man, businessman, pastor, and community leader. As a State Representative and as a County Commissioner, John focused on economic development, job creation and education.  As a State House member, John’s biggest accomplishments included securing $500,000 in funding for Central Carolina Community College and passing legislation to protect hundreds of jobs at Static Control, a Lee County based company, which employs over 1100 people across seven North Carolina counties. Check out his website here.


Check out Wilmington Senator Michael Lee. Michael Lee is serving in his 2nd and full term as our State Senator. He has very quickly made a tremendous impact on his colleagues and his constituents by championing education rights for all school children. He is now the Co-chair of the committee for Appropriations on Education/Higher Education. His fighting for clean and safe drinking water, keeping the beaches beautiful, and bringing film back to Wilmington, evidences his commitment to the area. Visit his campaign website here


This weekend is the National Day of Action that was rescheduled. To sign up, go here: Tarheel March To Victory

The Mecklenburg County GOP has a BBQ fundraiser coming up! For details, go here: Matthews Conservative BBQ & Bluegrass Fundraiser

Have any events coming up you want included? Send them my way.


As of today, we're 46 days away from Election Day, 39 days until absentee ballot request deadline, 26 days until early voting starts (Oct. 17), and 21 days until voter registration ends. Absentee ballot voting has started!

To use the unique VOTE.GOP for NC and request an absentee ballot, go here:

You can also request an absentee ballot here:

If you're not registered to vote, or need help registering someone to vote, go here:

If you're registered, check to make sure:

Check your polling location:

Additional voting tools:


Hope everyone has a good weekend!


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