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The General Assembly comes back on Tuesday to discuss Hurricane Florence relief. It's been a heck of a week. Let's jump in.



Democrats have constantly whined that the tax cuts have hurt the middle class. An accountant throws cold water on that claim: The Spokesman-Review

According to a report from the New York-based Conference Board, U.S. consumer confidence is at the highest it's been in 18 years. Bloomberg

Washington Examiner columnist Beckett Adams lights up NBC News and the media in general for their coverage of the Kavanaugh allegations. This is one op-ed you definitely want to read: Washington Examiner

If you missed the Ford/Kavanaugh hearing yesterday and are watching videos from the hearing, this clip of Senator Lindsey Graham is not to be missed: Washington Free Beacon

 The Wall Street Journal and National Review editorial boards weigh in on Kavanaugh: confirm him.

Speaking of confirmation, Kavanaugh has only been advanced out of the Senate Judiciary Committee, and Democrats are already talking about using impeaching him as a 2020 campaign message if he is confirmed: NTK Network

Edits to Wikipedia can be made anonymously. Someone in the House of Representatives edited Wikipedia entries for several Senate Judiciary Republicans so that their personal contact information was put online. This is called "doxxing" and it's despicable: Fox News


As Republicans prepare to come back next week to address Hurricane Florence recovery funds, even The New York Times is out with a story detailing Governor Cooper's failures regarding Hurricane Matthew relief: The New York Times

The state's economy has grown tremendously under Republican leadership. As a result, the state's unemployment rate drops to 3.9 percent: Charlotte Business Journal

Should taxes be raised during a hurricane recovery? Of course not. Which liberal group suggested that NC do just that? Find out here: Carolina Journal

Undecided voters are those in the crucial 8-12 percent that usually decide who to vote for towards the end of an election season. It's important that we reach out to these voters and speak to the issues that are important to them because they tend to lean right on said issues: Carolina Journal

Although this story is about Wake County Public School System's county reassignment plan, there's a crucial quote that should wake up parents in bigger counties and why paying attention to your local politics is important: “We are all being shuffled around so the achievement gap is evened out. Not bettered but averaged out.” The News & Observer



Up for the U.S. House is Virginia Foxx. Virginia represents North Carolina’s Fifth Congressional District. She is a vocal leader on the issues of fiscal responsibility and government accountability as well as on the need to repeal and replace Obamacare. Go to her campaign website here.


First up is Torian Webson. She's running for NC House in District 31. The 31st has been living under the Democrat Party's rules, policies, and ideas for 40 years. It is time to live and prosper with the Republican rules, policies and ideas. Visit her campaign website here.
Second is Anne Murtha, a mother, Christian, and a solider. Anne Murtha carries these three characteristics in everything she does.  From her work with the State Board of Education legislative team, to her active community involvement, Anne will bring the same commitment and passion to serving District 33 as she does to serving her faith, family, and country.  Please join Anne as she works hard to make Wake County an even better place to live, work, and raise a family! Visit her campaign website here.


For NC Senate, check out Tamara Barringer: a wife, mother, educator, attorney, and small business owner. Working in our community to improve our quality of life, Tamara recognizes that our strength as a state comes from the effort of dedicated citizens – not the government. From teaching courses in ethics, to protecting at-risk children, and fighting for better schools, her wide range of experience has given her the skills needed to make a real difference for working families in the North Carolina Senate. Check out her campaign website here.


Despite the attempts from Democrats and liberal groups to suppress the right to vote on amendments to the state constitution, the people have six amendments to vote on this year. The NCGOP has endorsed all six, and you can read up on them here:


This weekend, Nelson Dollar and Chris Malone have canvassing events. Click on their names for more information or to join!

The Orange County GOP has a BBQ fundraiser coming up! For details go here:

On October 13, Anne Murtha has a canvassing event. You can check it out here:


As of today, we're 39 days away from Election Day, 32 days until absentee ballot request deadline, 19 days until early voting starts (Oct. 17), and 14 days until voter registration ends. Absentee ballot voting has started!

To use the unique VOTE.GOP for NC and request an absentee ballot, go here:

You can also request an absentee ballot here:

If you're not registered to vote, or need help registering someone to vote, go here:

If you're registered, check to make sure:

Check your polling location:

Additional voting tools:

Hope everyone has a safe weekend!

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