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If you were a Republican ad maker, you LOVED the climate change town hall. If you didn't watch it, you only missed the same serious authoritarian tendencies that Democrats decry. It's the LAST DAY of early voting, although there are a few counties whose hours will be extended due to Dorian. If you've voted, great: come help get others to the polls. Haven't voted yet? Go today or make a plan to go on Election Day. Some hours have been changed, so click this link to see any updates to your county.



What happened at the environmental town hall that put the Democrats' extremism on display? Let's see:

Population control is something the oppressive Chinese government did for decades, and the practice is associated with racism and eugenics. Today's extreme environmentalist Democrats claim having kids is bad for the environment. Socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders seemed to endorse this horrific policy. National Review

I missed this story myself, but there was news that the Trump administration is refusing to fund Medicaid expansion. Why is this a big deal and is it a win for taxpayers? The Federalist

As expected, Speaker Pelosi and Sen. Schumer are joining their extremist colleagues on pushing for gun control after the summer recess. This comes on the heels of, Beto O'Rourke endorsing a mandatory gun confiscation and VP Joe Biden suggesting we ban magazines that hold multiple bullets. Good luck! National Review


Because Governor Cooper is still holding the budget hostage, legislative Republicans are passing the budget in smaller chunks. As long as Cooper keeps up his Medicaid expansion ultimatum, Republicans are going to keep doing what they're doing. The Laurinberg Exchange

Now this story isn't from NC, but it is certainly related. Democrats like to complain that NC's per pupil funding isn't high enough despite evidence there isn't a positive correlation between PPF and student achievement. The Obama admin threw billions at failing schools with no difference in achievement. So what happens when a school system spends $42K per student? NJ Left Behind

Responsible Republican budgets have led to another surplus, this one to the tune of almost $900 million. While some might be filed away into the state's Rainy Day Fund, those who paid state taxes this year could see a refund of up to $125 per person. It's your money after all. Forbes

As mentioned above, Democrat presidential candidates are pushing an all-out assault on the 2A. Federal Democrats have vowed to tackle gun control when they come back from the summer recess. So how does Roy Cooper fit into all that and how can we apply it to 2020? The News & Observer



Members are still out on their August recess. 


Members were also out this week, but expect some serious fireworks next week.


Want to be a part of the massive grassroots army to help keep NC red in 2020? Sign up for future Trump Victory program trainings here: Trump Victory Leadership Initiative

Third And Ninth District General Election Dates:

Visit VOTE.GOP to request your absentee ballot or find your early voting location.

Early voting begins - August 21

Early voting ends - September 6

Election Day - September 10

Some early voting sites have had their hours changed. Click this link to find out which sites have been affected.

There are a multitude of events for Dr. Greg Murphy! Go to his Facebook page here and check out one of the events!

We have an entire weekend of action in support of Dan Bishop starting tonight! Check out the event page for more info. 2019 Weekend of Action

The Surry County Republican Party will be having their annual Drawdown on September 7th. Learn more here.

September 9th is the next Trump rally in Fayetteville. Need tickets? Get them here: President Trump Fayetteville Rally

For future planning purposes, the Chatham County GOP is hosting a candidate forum for 2019 municipal and 2020 candidates on September 10th. Want to attend? Click here for details

The Raleigh Republican Club is hosting a Raleigh City Council candidate meet-and-greet and to talk about the Association Health Plans on Sept. 12th. Check it out! Raleigh Republican Club September Meeting

Ever wanted to run for office or manage a campaign? You're in luck. The North Carolina Federation of Republican Women is holding a campaign school for those interested on Sept. 14th. Sign up here: NCFRW Campaign School

Also on the 14th is the Rowan County's Fourth Annual Patriot's Day Golf tournament. Sign up here to grab 18 on a Saturday afternoon with fellow conservatives: Rowan County GOP Patriot's Day Golf Tournament

Join the Moore County GOP for Trump Country 2020 on Sept. 22nd! Check out their website here for details on how to attend the event: Moore County GOP

The Clay County GOP is holding their fall picnic and rally on on September 28. Things get rolling at 2pm at the Clay County Rec Park Pavilion at 47 Clay Recreation Park Road in Hayesville. Feel free to bring a covered dish and come on out!


Two things to close with this week:

1. We've been working on this for a while, but it's finally here: we have merchandise. It's only our initial offering of stuff, but lots more will come available soon. Check out the NCGOP Shop

2. This week revealed the importance of winning judicial races and keeping control of the state legislature post-Census. Not going to sugarcoat this: the ball had been dropped in 2016 and we had an own-goal in 2018. That WILL NOT HAPPEN in 2020. If you haven't started educating literally everyone about the importance of state courts, do it now. Get to know all eight candidates running for the Supreme Court of North Carolina (SCONC) and the NC Court of Appeals (COA). A picture of them is below.

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