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Demands Public Safety, Return To Rule Of Law, And Accountability

Chapel Hill, N.C. — The UNC College Republicans chairwoman strongly condemns last night’s dangerous vandalism.  Regardless of the past and present day, is it unacceptable to allow the destruction of public property without accountability.  The lack of accountability regarding the statue incident in Durham likely contributed to the wanton disregard for the law and safety last night.

I am greatly concerned that this display of vandalism will have a chilling effect on free speech and the ability to engage in civil discourse on campus moving forward.
The Administration should take the following steps to ensure a restoration of the rule of law:

  • UNC-Chapel Hill must make a full and complete effort working with the Orange County District Attorney’s Office to ensure a thorough investigation of the events surrounding Silent Sam. The protestors should consider themselves lucky that someone was not injured by these actions.
  • All students responsible must be held to account through University discipline procedures to assure the safety of other students, UNC Staff and faculty, and visitors.
  • If UNC administrators were responsible for last night’s public safety failures, they must be held to account. 
  • UNC must take concrete steps to assure safety of students engaged in constitutionally protected speech and political activity. 

There can and should be a worthwhile and healthy debate about the current day appropriateness of certain monuments, remembrances, and memorials on the UNC campus and across North Carolina.  It is important to make one thing very clear: the statue should be moved back in place, as it was not lawfully removed. However, public debate will not happen if anarchy is allowed to rule and destroy public property at will. There are many students who are afraid to share their views on campus, which is a sign that civil discourse is broken. UNC must restore the statue in due time and protect it while the ultimate debate and resolution of this issue is decided according to the law. Everyone in the state of North Carolina should have a say on this issue by choosing public officials who will responsibly represent their interests, but preservation of our public history should not be a partisan political issue. 
Maggie Horzempa
Chairwoman, UNC College Republicans

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