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Walter Beaman Jones Jr.
February 10, 1943 - February 10, 2019


"Walter Jones was a man of decency, honor, and upstanding moral character. He and I used to travel together back and forth from North Carolina when I had the privilege of serving alongside him in Congress. Jones' legacy will undoubtedly be the unequivocal advocacy he put forth for the men and women who serve in this country's armed forces, and not just those who lived in his district, but across the nation. There was no better champion for eastern North Carolina than Walter Jones. My thoughts and prayers are with his family at this difficult time." - NCGOP Chairman Robin Hayes


      Walter Beamon Jones, Jr. was a lifelong resident of Farmville, North Carolina. He attended Hargrave Military Academy before graduating from what is now known as Barton College. He went on to serve four years in the North Carolina National Guard before taking a job with his family's company. Jones ran for the North Carolina General Assembly in 1982, representing Pitt County, serving until 1992. He ran for Congress in 1994 and won in the famed Republican wave, signing on to the Contract With America led by Rep. Newt Gingrich. He had just finished his 11th term in Congress this past December. He is survived by his wife Joe Anne and his daughter Ashley.



Brian Runyon - Not being from North Carolina, I did not know much about him. One thing I do know, he was a politician who worked well for his community, and his colleagues. I wish all the best for hihs family and his fellow North Carolina Republicans.

Kim Augustine - Truly fine man! He will be missed greatly!

Brenner Cobb - Walter Jones always did his best and represented his people well. A kind man who lived a life of service. 
Rest in peace, Mr. Jones.

Dee Stewart - I’m so proud to have been part of Congressman Jones’s campaign team in 2014 and 2016. His legacy is his Christianity, decency, and service. A very good man.

Sherry Dunn - So sad to hear of Walter B. jones Passing, He helped us with VA for my mom when we needed him, we are forever grateful. Thank you to this wonderful statesman and NC son for a job well done. Sending heartfelt prayers for his family and all those who knew him and loved him.

Harold Lusk - While I only had the opportunity to meet Rep. Jones on one occasion, I was a congressional intern in Washington for two summers during college. My internship was with a different NC congressman, but the reputation of Representative Jones was that he was the absolute best to work with. He took time to truly engage with his interns/staff and was a remarkably humble and kind man. 
I have long admired Rep. Jones’ independent nature and willingness to stick with his convictions even when he was not in alignment with his party. He always looked out for his constituents and held the highest reputation as a North Carolinian, congressman, servant, and man. He will be missed.

Ann Bowman - If all politicians served the way Walter Jones did, we would have a better country & Congress. His immigration stance always received a A from Numbers USA. He was pro life & he never voted to raise the debt limit. He was a true patriot whose shoes will be hard to fill. Rest In Peace Walter & may your family know that you were admired & respected by all North Carolinians.

Ann Bowman - If all politicians served the way Walter Jones did, we would have a better country & Congress. His immigration stance always received a A from Numbers USA. He was pro life & he never voted to raise the debt limit. He was a true patriot whose shoes will be hard to fill. Rest In Peace Walter & may your family know that you were admired & respected by all North Carolinians.

Charlotte Morris - He was a great man did a lot for north Carolina. He always answered my email on things that I questioned. He will be missed.

Clark Patton - My first memories of Congress. Jones was from 1994-2000 being his driver for many years in the Morehead City Veterans Parade. He was very approachable and easy to talk too. I then had the privilege to work with him while I was stationed at the Pentagon, seeing him on a monthly bases, both professionally and personally. My last interaction with him was this past year upon my retirement, he couldn’t make it to the ceremony so instead he went on the floor of the house and expressed his thanks to me and my family in the Congressional record. May 24, 2018. I always had the upmost respect for how he treated those of us in the US Military. I prayer for his family during this difficult time.  CW4 US Army, Clark Patton, Beaufort, NC

Ed Beckley - He was unwavering in our beliefs, and stood like a wall on which the Socialist baloney received a speedy ricochet.

Martha Bellizzi - A true Southern gentleman. Always kind and gracious.

Patrick Norton - Walter was an honorable man who stood for principled belief as well as his faith. I met Walter after he hired my eldest daughter to work with him in his office in Washington, DC. She worked for him for six years and he always made sure she was accounted for. I know that she loved working there and had a deep respect for the congressmen and his family. we will miss him dearly.

John Nix - Michele and I are deeply saddened by the passing of our friend,Congressman Walter Jones. He was a true friend to many but I will always remember his quick wit, his genuine love for all his constituents, and his fierce love for the men and women in the armed services. He had a service heart and even came to my assistance to headline a fundraiser for my City Council campaign race in 2013. I didn’t realize at the time how significant it was to have a US Congressman “stumping” for a small town City Council candidate, but he answered the call as if I were running for Senate! He was my friend. He was Michele’s friend. We will truly miss his presence and his kind nature. We know, Congressman, you are in a better place. We hope to see you again one day. – John Nix, Chairman, Lenoir County Republican Party

David Andrews - I was in the same Hargrave graduating class (HMA Class of 1961) with Walter. He was near the top of the class and I managed to graduate. Walter was a hard-working student, a strong Christian and a friend. He will be sorely missed. I lived in his District for five years and was proud to have him as my Congressional representative.

Jim Madre - I was deeply saddened to hear of Walter’s passing. My deepest condolences to his family. He served the 3rd District with pride. I have fond memories of the days I spent with him in the NCNG. May you rest in Peace, my friend.  Jim Madre, Swansboro, NC

Elizabeth Temple - I graduated at East Carolina University when Dr. Richard Eiken was Chancellor. I worked as a teacher in Pitt County. Rep. Jones was well known and liked for many years. He has gone home. Like Billy Graham said, our home is not here. Our home is in heaven.

Russell Capps - Congressman Jones and I began service, he in Congress and I in the NC House, the same year. I had many occasions to share a a little time with him. He was a rare individual … conservative, dependable, courteous, and a great representative for God, and for the people he served so devotedly.

I will miss him greatly. My thoughts and prayers are with his wife and family.

James Caudill - Walter Jones was a champion of American Liberty and an exemplary son of North Carolina. God bless his family in this time of pain.

Carl Mischka - I got to know Congressman Jones while serving as Chair of the Craven County GOP, then worked more closely with him as Third District Chair.

He earned the support of our District where he provided constituent services beyond the norm, and respect of those who might, at times, disagree with him. He was consistent, stalwart in his beliefs and always did what his conscience and his belief in God dictated. He was a god man, and we are all the poorer by his passing. We will meet again on the other side.

W.Carroll McLawhorn - I am saddened to learn of Walter Jones passing. I always felt welcome and appreciated the time and effort he showed on any issue. His genuine concern for the men and women in the military was factual. Joe Anne and Ashley are in my prayers.

Matthew Fagin - Thank you, sir, for your tireless work on our behalf. May your memory be for a blessing always!

Sandra Hendricks - Dear Joanne and Ashley,

Though I didn’t know NC Congressman Jones personally, I want to thank you for supporting him these 11 years as you have. It takes special people to stand behind a man such as Mr. Jones. God bless you in days ahead, both you and all those who knew him intimately.

Jerry Hamm - Air Force Veteran who wants to send condolences to family.

Brent Heath - Congressman Jones always had time for the folks of Eastern NC. He had time for each person, who wanted his ear. He knew how to turn off all distractions when you addressed him. Congressman Jones was and is a true southern gentleman and stateman. NC was blessed by his service and will miss his leadership.

David Arthur - Walter Jones helped me get my disability through Social Security years ago! He also was assisting with FEMA for victims of Hurricane Florence! He was a faithful servant to his citizens of the 3rd District in North Carolina!

Ana Halley - My very sincere condolences to the family of Rep. Jones. He will be remembered by my family as a dedicated, honest and humble congressman who really cared about our military members and their families. He will certainly be missed my many…he was one of a kind.<

Pat Smith - The North Carolina Federation of Republican Women sends our most sincere expressions of sympathy to Rep. Jones’s family. He will be remembered as a shining example of a North Carolina gentleman.

Wayne Bennett - Great American! He truly cared and liked people. He was not afraid to stand up for what is right. He was no ones puppet! As a Retired Enlisted Marine, I appreciate all he’s done for Veterans and Active Duty Personnel. Thank you and RIP.

Gisela H Fehr - Dear Mr. Jones, posthumously I praise you and thank you for all the many years you served us in the 3rd District. I pray that God will watch over your family, who now will have to go along without you. I ask God’s blessings for those you’ve left behind, and I hope you enjoy your New Home.  Grace and Peace, Gisela H Fehr

Vann Cranford - When I Was A Young Boy, My Mother Introduced Me To Walter, Sr. He Owned An Office Supply Business In Farmville. Then, Later In life, I Met And Became Friends With Walter, Jr. Both Of These Men Were True Friends To My Family. They Were Always There To Help In My Family’s Times Of Need. It Did Not Matter Which Political Party That A Person Favored. The Jones Family Were True Servants Of The People. It Was Such An Honor For Me To Have Known These Two Fine Men!

Joseph Isenhour - Thanks for the opportunity to inform about Walter Jones. Sorry to hear of his passing. I knew Walter through teaching him tennis lessons from time to time in Raleigh during his time in the NC legislature. He was a kind and thoughtful man.  I echo Richard’s Bryant’s Facebook comments on Walter’s genuineness and the ease of conversation with him! North Carolina just lost a good son and I lost a friend. R. I.P. Walter Jones ❤️

Joe E. Jr. Teague - AFP visited Washington, D.C. as I recall in Spring 2006 Congressman Jones was good to receive a large no. of us with his COSat his Congressional Office in D.C. His faith in God was never in question, and he walked without question with that assurance in all his actions. His direction was always right: America first. He didn’t have to be lobbied. Well done. Pass within.

steve midgett - My heart droped to the floor it seemed like when i heard that my friend Walter Jones had passed. He would always write me and let me know what was going on. I sure will miss him, he was a great congressman . God bless his family he surely will be missed by all of us.

Susan Lempke - Unfortunately I never had the pleasure of meeting Walter Jones. I live in the district that he served. I had the opportunity to participate in a few live telephone town halls that the congressman hosted. I feel like I knew him. He genuinely cared about his constituents, and always did everything he could to help. My husband served 20 years in the United States Navy and Walter Jones was a huge supporter of the military and the veterans. Walter Jones was a great man. What a loss to Eastern North Carolina. My thoughts and prayers are with his family.

Jerry Dudley - Walter was a kind man that always tried to help our military personal in NC. Walter helped a lot people in eastern NC over the years including my self. I pray that God will comfort his family. Walter is in Heaven now and out of pain and with the Lord.

Howell Davis - Congressman Jones was a welcome, refreshing, & truthful voice in American politics.  As an activist with The United American Committee I exchanged thoughts on solutions to the burgeoning & assaltive immigration problem with him 14 years ago.  He was a visionary who saw what we have coming and wanted it curtailed.

Sincere thanks for your service & truth
Congressman. RIP

Vickie Edson - I was sad to hear of the passing of Congressman Walter Jones. He was a champion for the veterans and seemed to work tirelessly for them. He was constant, he cared about all the people in his district, and he was very sincere. I am so thankful that we got to visit him in his office in D.C. with our group of students. He was very gracious and made them feel very at ease. He gave us freely of his valuable time and expressed the concerns on his heart for NC and America. He will be greatly missed.

Nancy Schulze - What a beautiful soul. Walter was real, and realistic. When a constituent at a Jones fundraiser asked if Walter would get behind a new project, I will never forget his response, as it is almost unheard of in Washington. Walter said matter-of-factly, “No. It might be a good idea, but we can’t afford it.” Bravo, Walter. If others were as honest and real and responsible as you were, we’d be in much, much better shape.

Sammy Hinson - Didn’t know the man personally but we have lost a great asset to our state of whom represented us well in Washington. My condolences to his family and close friends.

Elwood Cutler - I am so sorry to hear of the passing of Walter Jones. He was a great man and was from a very close town near us. He worked hard for our state and for our country. He will be missed greatly. Our condolences to his family. Elwood and Betty Cutler

Samuel Snyder - As a constituent and military retiree I especially appreciated his support of our military and his steadfast stance on Fiscal Responsibility. He will be sorely missed.

Kathleen Evans - Deeply moved by the passing of Congressman Walter B. Jones, I wish to send my heartfelt condolences to his family and dear friends. We have been blessed to have such a statesman of honor and integrity representing us. It is my honor to be among the choir, singing at Mr. Jones funeral. May he rest in peace.

Mack Leggett - I send my condolences to the family of Walter B. Jones. Twice I had to ask for help with large bills; which I should not owe, and he made sure the problems were quickly solved. I appreciate the godly stand Mr. Jones took, over the years, he was in office.

Joe Sturz - Congressman Jones gave my wife Rachel Steinbeck Sturz a Bible that now her grandson reads. Remembering his generosity & faithful service to the Lord & to his country.

Joe Sturz - Congressman Jones seemed to come alive in his faith when he began attending a congressional prayer & Bible Study group in DC, way back when.

Tom Martin - Walter was not only a committed public servant but he was a man of the people. I often met him in Walmart and local restaurants. He was my friend. The greatest compliment I can pay him.

Darrin Rudisill - Was a outstanding public servant loved and admired by many,Rest in peace and my prayers got out the the family.

Tommy Harrelson - When I first met Walter, he was in the N.C. House of Representative. He was one of 20 Democrats who had formed a coalition with Republicans to overthrow a largely oppressive ruling group that average members could no longer tolerate. The coalition maintained power for only two years. At a certain point, he pushed so hard for ethical reform that the Democrats, once they had power again, cut him out of his district, making impossible for him to win. He switched parties and became a Republican, then ran for his father’s old congressional seat, and serving in that capacity for many years. Walter was his own man, never toeing the party line when doing so conflicted with his religion or moral ethic. All in all, a man to esteem. RIP, good and faithful servant!

Ann Sullivan - I first met Walter when he started to run for the Congress. I worked on every campaign even when I was no longer in his District. Walter and JoAnne became friends. We didn’t always agree, but remained friends. The story in Walters DC office was this; I would call, give input and rational, Walter would vote differently. His staff would tell him, “Ann’s going to call today, be expecting it.” I usually did call. I will miss him.

Bill Rambo - lived in his district for many years and he was always fair

Patrick Ballantine - Lisa and I express our deepest sympathies to Jo Ann and Ashley. We have known Walter Jones for over 25 years. Walter was a kind, honest, and thoughtful person who lived out his Christian faith by his love for God, Country and family. He put his convictions before his party. Even when I disagreed with Walter, I understood and appreciated his steadfast commitment to his beliefs. To honor every miltary service member who died with a personal letter is an enduring testament. In an age of money dominated politics, Walter Jones did what he thought was right. And isn’t that the way it’s supposed to be in a democratic republic? God Bless Walter Jones. Eastern North Carolina, the United States of America, and the world is in a better place because of his service.

Clark Twiddy - Congressman Jones in person was always a kind, decent, and gentle man who set an example to anyone he met. It was a privilege to know him and I am very thankful for his public service.

Pamela Starkey -  the Lord bring comfort to Congressman Jones’ wife and daughter as they mourn his loss. I am praying for the entire family. The Lord bless you, Pamela Starkey

Angela Sachs - My heart is with his family. Praying for the peace of Jesus to be with you all.

Vavila Popovici - The Greeks, at the loss of a man, used to ask, “Did he live with passion?” I understand that America lost a faithful and passionate servant to his work – Congressman Walter B. Jones, Jr. – a true embodiment of public service who believed what he said and said what he believed, in following his convictions with devotion.

God rest his soul!

Deepest condolences to his loving family.

Writer Vavila Popovici

Clarine Powell - Thank you for all you have done for us. Our district and community will not be the same without you.

Alberrt Franklin - To serve the nation, and the state, is always in the service of God. Thank you for that!

Christine Betts - I am so grateful for all you did for eastern NC and especially your stand for babies in the womb and for our veterans . May Got grant your soul eternal rest and may you be in his presence eternally.

Cecelia Fares - R.I.P. Congressman Jones. Condolences & PEACE to family and friends.

Daniel Smith - What a GREAT man, and a GREAT AMERICAN! He did North Carolina proud.

Cynthia Partridge - Congressman Jones was one of the first persons I met when I moved to NC from NYC. I was so impressed with Walter Jones, that I knew I would always want him as both my friend and my Congressman. He helped so many people any way he could and he didn’t care if you didn’t live in his district or state. He was always anxious to help if you needed him. And he never took credit for his help. He loved his country and our Armed Forces so much. I loved that about him. I remember his American Fries. I would learn so much every time we had a discussion. I, for sure will miss Walter Jones. A man born on the day of his death. Thought 76 wonderful years later. Full circle, some might say. I don’t think Walter would have wanted it any other way. Rest In Peace Congressman and thank you for your service

Nancy Bassett Brinkley One of our precious moments with Congressman Walter Jones, was praying in his DC office with my two children while overlooking the Washington Monument, and remembering the sun first hits the peak, the highest message: LAOS DEO. We are grateful for his sincerity and kindness, and love…of wheaten terriers. We are grateful he instilled the biblical sense of economics, and alerted the youth to not waste funds. He served with heart. Thank you for your service, prayers, and love to our great nation, especially our men that serve, Godspeed. Our prayers are with you all.

Carrie Harris - Many years ago when Congressman Walter Jones visited the Upper Room Church of God in Christ in Raleigh, NC, I was impressed with his intelligence and willingness to share insightful information about politics that impacted our community. My thoughts and prayers are with his family.

Gail Travis - Prayers and condolences for his family. May he test peacefully. NC’s loss is Heaven’s gain.

Katherine Steele - Jones was a very kind and helpful man. He helped me six years ago when I had significant difficulty with the federal government employment and retirement service (USOPM) in obtaining my portion of retirement that was granted by the divorce court system after being married to my (ex)husband of 29 years.

He was so kind and considerate and his staff was very helpful. I was so thankful for their help that I sent flowers to their office after receiving the first check in the mail within two weeks. I had been dealing with USOPM for six months unsuccessfully.
I had the opportunity to meet Mr. Jones when he visited Carteret Health Care’s opening of the new addition in 2015.
My thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends during this sad time.

Greg Murphy - Dear Walter,

Our wonderful Lord lent you to us to serve as a Beacon of Light. You have served Him well. You have been a friend, a mentor and an guiding light for me. Thank you for your honesty, integrity and steadfastness in purpose. Rest In Peace with our Lord. Please pray for us.

Dick Schulze - Having served in Congress with Walter’s father, I watched with interest the election of the son. Sometimes walking in the footsteps of the father is difficult. Walter soon proved that he was his own man. He loved the Constitution and fought for it. He admired and respected the military and felt a personal loss for each member of the service killed or wounded. He served his constituents with devotion and passion.

Nancy and I assisted in his campaigns and found that his door was always open. He loved his constituents and enjoyed hearing from them. He voted for what was best for our country. Walter was a true friend and a servant leader. Nancy and I are praying for his lovely wife, Jo Anne and his family.
Sincerely, Congressman Dick Schulze, Ret.

Patricia Garrison - Congress man Jones always finished a presentation wit these words "Please God, please God , please God continue to bless the United States of America. " A true patriot. Our state and country is better for his service.

Corletta Barbee - I am so sorry for your loss. You are in my prayers today. God bless.