The Republican Party of North Carolina The Republican Party of North Carolina

Raleigh, NC —  Sexual predator Harvey Weinstein has recently been etched into Hollywood history for his malicious actions against young women. In addition to being known for his role as a big Hollywood director and producer, Weinstein was also known to dip his toe into politics, specifically donating to and backing Democratic candidates. Earlier this week, research by the News & Observer lead to the unveiling of one of Weinstein's donations to a group heavily involved in North Carolina's gubernatorial election last year-- $10,000 the Human Rights Campaign (HRC). Last year, the HRC's spent more money on Roy Cooper's campaign than any other race in the country.

"While Governor Cooper had no reason to question Weinstein's donation at the time, Cooper is now presented with an opportunity to do the right thing. He should immediately call for the HRC to return the money, disavow any future campaign cash from Weinstein, and publicly condemn Weinstein and his conduct." -NCGOP Chairman Robin Hayes

Some Democrats like Elizabeth Warren and Chuck Schumer have chosen to do the right thing and return or give to charity the money donated from Weinstein. Will Governor Cooper speak up and tell the HRC to do the same thing, or stand with groups like the Clinton Foundation that have refused to divest themselves of Weintein's money?

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