ICYMI Beasley Protest and Affidavit Littered with False Assertions

November 19, 2020
For Immediate Release 

Raleigh, NC - Trailing by over 400 votes after all the votes were counted and all 100 county canvases completed, Chief Justice Beasley filed protests in 90 counties claiming these Democrat majority county election boards wrongly disqualified over 2,000 Democrat ballots. Beasley’s protest seeks only to revive Democrat votes and largely relies on apparently faulty data and hearsay from Democrat volunteers. Last night, WRAL dug into some of the protests and quickly found several errors in Wake County alone.
“It is clear that Beasley and the Democrats are grasping for straws as they know that if every legal vote is counted, they will lose,” said NCGOP Press Secretary Tim Wigginton.“The County Canvas concluded, and Chief Justice Elect Newby had the majority of votes, and the recount will simply confirm the election results. Beasley’s frivolous protests to count disqualified Democrat ballots, instead of every legal vote, is despicable and should be denounced by every advocate of the election process.” 
The Beasley campaign apparently outsourced their effort to an out of state firm as the affidavit submitted by the Beasley campaign is signed by a New York resident, Oliver Ho. In addition to the WRAL report, several county boards have already disproven many of the assertions of the affidavit which raises questions about the veracity of Ho’s sworn statement. North Carolina Democrat Party Chairman Wayne Goodwin told WRAL the Democrat party’s data team compiled the error riddled affidavit.

Here are some of the key quotes from the WRAL report: 

“Facing defeat if a recount doesn't shift a few hundred votes in her direction, North Carolina Supreme Court Chief Justice Cheri Beasley and her campaign have filed protests in almost every county statewide, alleging that thousands of votes that should have been counted in the recent election were not.”

“The 76-page affidavit accompanying the protest listed the ballots in question, but it wasn't difficult to find problems with it in our look at just a handful of ballots listed in Wake County.”

“‘I did not know that. To find that out was very disheartening and frustrated,’ Goins said Wednesday. ‘I had a conversation with my children, you know, being that I am an African-American woman and how hard we had to fight to vote.’”

“But Goins's ballot, and two others WRAL News found listed in the affidavit as rejected were actually counted, according to Wake County elections director Gary Sims.”

“WRAL News cross-checked the addresses of six other "Wake County" voters listed in the affidavit with county property tax records. All six actually live at addresses outside Wake County, making them ineligible to vote in Wake County.”

“Wayne Goodwin, chairman of the state Democratic Party, said the party's data team put together the affidavit, looking for what they believed to be potentially eligible votes.”

“Goins, a registered Democrat, said she didn't appreciate the false alarm from her own party. She was delighted to hear that the affidavit was wrong and her vote did count, after all.”

“I think there needs to be more research, more information looked into, before that information’s given out to someone,’ she said.”