At the North Carolina Republican Party our goal is to give interns the start they need for a successful political career. Interns work directly under their Department's Director and will have the unique opportunity to be given projects which are rarely available at other organizations. This allows you to have a strong resume with real experience when applying for future jobs. Moreover, your relationship with the director of your department will allow you to connect with stakeholders across the state. 

Along with giving interns the stepping stones for a political career, the NCGOP will also work proactively with your college to ensure you receive credit for all of your hard work. The NCGOP is aware of the intern application processes for the various institutions in North Carolina. We will provide you with the proper paperwork and information for your institution's college credit application.

If you are interested in being an intern at the North Carolina Republican Party, please complete this application and send it as well as a resume to [email protected] 



In today's ever changing political environment press relations are the backbone of any state party. Fellows within the NCGOP Communications Department you will directly work closely with the NCGOP Communications Director, to teach you how to write press releases, conduct research, and craft political messages. The NCGOP Communications Department is a great choice for any applicant who wishes to get involved in public relations or media. 


Within the NCGOP Data Department, Fellows will work under the supervision of the North Carolina Republican Party Logistics Director. Fellows will assist in the maintenance of NCGOP records, along with learning data management skills.. The Data Department also works closely with grassroots outreach. This position is excellent for any applicant interested in data management or grassroots outreach. 


Any great party needs a strong digital presence to ensure that the party's message is being spread across the state.  Fellows within the NCGOP Digital Department will work with the North Carolina Republican Party’s Digital Director. Your role will consist of assisting with the NCGOP’s digital presence, along with coordinating communications, social media, and website interactions with all 100 county parties. This position is a great choice for any applicant who is interested in social media, or website development. 


Within the Finance Department of the NCGOP you will be working under the NCGOP’s Financial Director or the NCGOP’s Accounting Director. Under the supervision of the Accounting Director Fellows will learn compliance and financial record keeping. While under the Finance Director, Fellowswill learn the basics of Party fundraising, and will assist the Finance Director in planning events. Under both directors Fellows will learn the basics of accounting, fundraising and political finance. 


The Legal Department is designed for Fellows currently in Law School, however Pre-Law undergraduates may apply. Within the NCGOP Legal Department Fellows will be responsible for learning election law, and assist the Chief Legal Counsel. This position is great for any applicants who wish to start a career in Political or Constitutional Law. 


When applying for the Political Department at the NCGOP you will work with the NCGOP’s Political Director. You will mobilize volunteers in all 100 counties alongside county parties in order to lay the foundation for the election cycle. Along with establishing relationships with our various stakeholders throughout the state. This position is excellent for applicants who wish to learn how to manage and direct political landscapes. 

Election Integrity

Voters across North Carolina report election integrity as a top issue. Fellows within the Election Integrity (“EI”) department will work alongside the EI team to help recruit and train poll observers and poll greeters. Fellows will work with all 100 county parties, learning invaluable skills unique to the Election Integrity Department. Fellows will also be given the opportunity to learn about the
legal side of elections from the Election Integrity counsel. Overall, this is an incredible opportunity to learn about the election process and work with leaders all across the Tar Heel State.

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