Desperate Beasley Campaign Asks County Boards to Count Democrat Votes Twice

November 23, 2020
For Immediate Release

Raleigh, NC - After coming up over 400 votes short after the final results in the county canvases were tallied, soon-to-be-former Chief Justice Beasley filed election protests in 91 counties. Thus far, over a dozen Democrat controlled election boards have dismissed Beasley’s protests and no board has identified a single disqualified vote that should have been counted. In fact, many of the voters the Beasley campaign identified in its protest have already had their vote counted.

As the News and Observer detailed last week, Beasley is trying to only revive previously disqualified Democrat ballots. WRAL previously showed the flaws in the Beasley data and spoke with voters named in her protest who have already had their vote counted. This is proving to be a common occurrence in the Beasley protest data. The Democrat controlled county boards of Vance, Jackson, Tyrrell, Beaufort, Transylvania and Polkadvised Beasley to drop her protest because her affidavit called for people who have already voted to be counted. More than 20 counties have asked for Beasley’s protest to be withdrawn or dismissed it out of hand.  No county board has found her protest to have any merit.

“Beasley is not only seeking to only count additional Democrat votes, she is seeking to have many of them counted twice,” said NCGOP Press Secretary Tim Wigginton. “Beasley has not gained a single vote from this process and her 2000 potential extra votes are being whittled down with each county protest hearing. It is time for Beasley to admit that her protests are without merit, stop this abuse of the process and withdraw her complaints."