Roy Cooper Still Has Not Explained Why Cal Cunningham Is “Frustrating”

Raleigh, NC - Democrat Governor Roy Cooper got caught on a hot mic with former Vice President Joe Biden complaining that Cunningham was “frustrating.” Even though Cunningham is now under investigation by the US Army like an excellent partisan hack Cooper is firmly committed to getting Cunningham across the finish line. 

“Governor Cooper comments reveal that he’s a partisan hack and will do whatever is in the best interest of the Democrat party, not North Carolina,” said NCGOP Press Secretary Tim Wigginton. “Cunningham’s conduct unbecoming an officer continues to plague Democrats across North Carolina, and Governor Cooper needs to explain why he still supports Cunningham despite the wrongdoings.”

Here are some outstanding questions that Governor Cooper should answer about the “Frustrating” Cunningham Situation: 

Are you worried about Cunningham toxic candidacy dragging down Democrats across North Carolina? Or that Democrats across North Carolina continue to ditch Cunningham

What is more frustrating, the US Army investigation or Cunningham’s refusal to clear up the situation?

Do you think Cunningham should serve in the Senate if he is at risk of being court-martialed?

As the commander of the North Carolina National Guard, do it you find it “frustrating” that one of the senior JAG officers violated the UCMJ by sleeping with the wife of a wounded combat veteran?

At what point does Cunningham become too "frustrating," and the Governor drops his support for Cunningham's toxic candidacy?