Democrat Legislators Who Voted For SB 37 Should Publicly Call On Cooper To Sign It

February 23, 2021
For Immediate Release 

Raleigh, NC - Last week, a bipartisan coalition of the Republican-led North Carolina General Assembly passed SB37 to safely reopen North Carolina public schools. The bill garnered support of bipartisan supermajorities capable of overriding Democrat Governor Roy Cooper’s veto. In the face of imminent defeat, Governor Cooper appearsto be deliberately dragging out the process hoping to avoid the humiliation of having his veto overridden.

“The Democrats who voted for SB 37 should publicly call on Cooper to make a decision so that the bill goes into law or they can override his veto,” said NCGOP Communications Director Tim Wigginton. “Every day that Cooper delays a decision on SB 37 is more time lost for in-person learning for North Carolina kids. That is why his Democrat allies in the legislature who voted for SB 37 should call on him to make a decision.” 

Here’s a list of the Democrats who voted for SB 37 who should publicly encourage Governor Cooper to sign the bill they voted for:

Representative Cecil Brockman District 60 Guilford County

Representative Terry E. Garrison District 32 Granville County, Vance County and Warren County 

Representative Charles Graham District 47 Robeson County 

Representative Joe John District 40 Wake County

Representative Graig Meyer District 50 Orange County

William Richardson District 44 Cumberland County 

Representative Shelly Willingham District 23 Edgecombe County and Martin County

Representative Michael Wray District 27 Halifax County and Northampton County 

Senator Ben Clark District 21 Cumberland County and Hoke County

Senator Kirk deViere District 19 Cumberland County

Senator Paul Lowe District 32 Forsyth County