Another Democrat Ditches Cunningham

October 15, 2020
For Immediate Release

RALEIGH, NC -- Cal Cunningham was dropped by Democrat Chief Justice Cherie Beasley from a campaign fundraiser she held last night. Beasley is the latest Democrat to distance herself from Cunningham following news of Cunningham’s affair with the wife of a disabled combat veteran that landed him under investigation by the U.S. Army Reserve

On September 29, Beasley included Cunningham on her fundraiser invite form. 

On October 14, Beasley removed Cunningham from her fundraiser and replaced him with an actress.

“The only thing that changed between September 29 and October 14 was the news of Cal Cunningham’s sex scandal,” said NCGOP Press Secretary Tim Wigginton. “Even members of Cunningham’s own party are realizing that his misconduct has exposed his entire campaign as one big lie. The Democrats may be stuck with Cunningham as their candidate, but by dropping him from their fundraisers it’s clear they agree that Cunningham is unfit to represent North Carolina. ” 

Cal Cunningham has been excluded from multiple Democratic initiatives since news of his extramarital affair broke. A fundraiser Cunningham was participating in with Sen. Duckworth was “postponed” and he was removed from a fundraiser for Democratic Senate candidates as well as an in-state fundraiser. A town hall that Cunningham was previously scheduled to attend was also canceled following confirmation of Cunningham’s scandal.