Cunningham Reverses Himself And Opposes Bipartisan Police Reform

Raleigh NCCal Cunningham went over a week without taking a position on Tim Scott’s JUSTICE Act. But now that Chuck Schumer and his Democratic allies blocked the common-sense police reform measure on Wednesday, Cunningham has followed his benefactors’ lead in opposing the bipartisan bill, even though he called for the immediate passage of bipartisan police reform just a few weeks ago.  

“Once again, Cunningham is placing partisan politics ahead of North Carolinians’ safety and taking whatever position Chuck Schumer and the rest of the extreme liberals in his party tell him to,” said NCGOP Press Secretary Tim Wigginton. “Cunningham’s refusal to support a bipartisan bill that includes a number of his own ‘priorities’ is Washington hypocrisy at its worst, and another reason why he will lose in November.” 

Cunningham and the Democrats are refusing to support the JUSTICE Act because it doesn’t end qualified immunity, which would allow high-priced trial lawyers like Cunningham to sue police officers who put their lives on the line each day to keep their communities safe.