Cal Cunningham To Continue Hiding In Windowless Basement Saturday

Raleigh, NC- Trial lawyer Cal Cunningham will not be campaigning across the state tomorrow because he’s still ducking voters and the press ever since his major “flub” at WRAL’s Senate Debate on Monday. Instead of meeting with North Carolinians, Cunningham will be hiding in his windowless basement and only emerging from it to visit his butler’s pantry, which he paid for by using $39,000 worth of tax credits. Cunningham refuses to campaign in person despite urging Joe Biden to come to North Carolina to do so

Hang Out In Cal Cunningham’s Windowless Basement

Saturday, September 19 until November 3

Members of the media need not RSVP given Cunningham is dodging the press to avoid answering for his record of breaking a no-tax-increase pledge, raising taxes by $1 billion and joining the fight of protestors who want to abolish the police

Contact: Cal Cunningham’s Handlers
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