Cal Cunningham Campaigns With al-Qaeda Advocate After Army Announces Investigation

October 9, 2020
For Immediate Release 

Raleigh, NC - After getting destroyed in the local media for his absolute failure to address his growing sex scandal, Cal Cunningham decided to campaign with Al-Qaeda advocate: Moe Davis. For those new to North Carolina politics, Davis is one of the nastiest politicianswho has openly advocated for members of Al-Qaeda and threatened to kill his political opposition. Yes, the Al Qaeda, the terrorist organization that planned the attacks on September 11th on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. DCCC backed candidate Moe Davis is one of the most repulsive candidates in North Carolina, so why is Cal Cunningham campaigning with him? 

The United States Army is investigating Cunningham over his actions, which explains why Cunningham has to campaign with a terrorist sympathizer,” said NCGOP Press Secretary Tim Wigginton. “Cunningham’s decision to campaign with a terrorist advocate while the Army is investigating him only further undermines his credibly with North Carolina voters.” 

Cunningham’s decision to get on live stream with terrorist sympathizer Moe Davis demonstrates that he clearly can do virtual interviews, which only intensifies his silence as local reporters try to explain this story to North Carolina voters. North Carolinians deserves a full explanation, and Cunningham refuses to give one, probably to limit his legal liability now that the Army is investigating him.