NCGOP Files Public Comment Letter Objecting to NCSBE’s Proposed Rules Limiting Poll Watchers and Free Speech

February 23, 2021
For Immediate Release

Raleigh, NC - The Republican Party of North Carolina submitted a letter to the North Carolina Board of Elections noting our concern with the proposed rule changes. The Democrat-controlled State Board of Elections will meet today at 11:00 AM to discuss these rule changes and their meeting can be viewed on their website.

The NCGOP has two main concerns regarding the proposed rule changes:

  • The NCSBE proposed rules changes regarding poll watchers would make it nearly impossible for volunteers to continuously observe the voting process.

  • The proposed change to add any flat surface over 3’x5’ to the definition of a billboard is overly broad and could have a chilling effect on free speech and lead to arbitrary enforcement. 

“North Carolinians deserve fair and open elections. The changes proposed by the Democrat-controlled State Board of Elections would make North Carolina elections less transparent and speech more restricted,”
said NCGOP Communications Director Tim Wigginton. “We look forward to continuing the dialog and would propose rules that allow for robust free speech and greater transparency regarding the election process so that North Carolinians can be confident in the results.” 


To read the full letter please click here.