Governor Roy Cooper's handpicked NCSBE Director Caught In Another Big Lie as Modems Secretly Removed from NC Voting Equipment

Governor Roy Cooper's handpicked NCSBE Director Caught In Another Big Lie as Modems Secretly Removed from NC Voting Equipment

December 14, 2021

For Immediate Release

Election integrity is a top issue among North Carolina citizens concerned about vulnerabilities within our voting systems, and a handpicked political appointee of Governor Roy Cooper has just compounded that sense of distrust among the electorate. For months N.C. State Board of Elections Executive Director Karen Brinson Bell denied the existence of modems in North Carolina voting equipment and stonewalled requests from state legislators to inspect the voting equipment in question.

Now we learn Director Brinson Bell lied. Again.

After lying to a federal court and subsequently misleading the N.C. General Assembly, Director Brinson Bell continues to undermine election integrity as it is revealed modems were removed last month from in-use voting equipment in at least six NC counties. This revelation comes after months of Director Brinson Bell refusing to acknowledge the existence modems in voting equipment and refusing inspection requests made by members of the N.C. House of Representatives.

The modems’ existence, and their secret removal, came only after lawmakers made a public records request following reports of the clandestine removal of dozens of modems contained in voting equipment in Watauga County.

“We firmly believe that had the request for the documentation of the removal of modems not been made, Director Brinson Bell would have continued to deny their existence and would have hidden the fact that they were removing the modems from the voting equipment,” said N.C. House Freedom Caucus Chairman Representative Keith Kidwell (R-Beaufort).

With voter confidence at historic lows, Director Brinson Bell’s latest lie represents a critical third strike and destroys any remaining credibility she may have had to oversee elections in this state. Voters are demanding and deserve election integrity, yet all they've been getting from the most partisan State Board of Elections ever is deception and dishonesty.

How much more must the People of North Carolina endure before the Cooper administration is held accountable for collusion and lies such as these? North Carolina law provides that Director Brinson Bell can be “removed for cause”—what more cause could there be than lying to voters, legislators, and the public at large?

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