Cal Cunningham Is Backing The Most Far Left Presidential Nominee In History

Contact: Sasha Duncan
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RALEIGH NCBack in February, Cal Cunningham promised to support whichever radical liberal came out on top in his party’s presidential primary and he will now officially be running on a ticket this fall with the most far-left Democratic nominee for president in history - Joe Biden

“North Carolinians looking for an independent voice in Washington certainly won’t be turning to someone who will be a rubber stamp for Joe Biden and his plans to raise taxes, kill blue-collar jobs, and provide taxpayer-funded health care to illegal immigrants,” said NCGOP spokeswoman Sasha Duncan. “While Cal Cunningham supports the most radical Democratic presidential nominee in history, Senator Tillis continues to show steady leadership by working across the aisle to address the COVID-19 and keep North Carolinians safe.” 

Here is a look at just a few of the dangerous Biden policies that Cunningham now owns: