Beasley’s Protests Land With a Thud at Democrat Controlled Boards

November 20, 2020
For Immediate Release 

Raleigh, NC - The protests filed by Cheri Beasley in 90 North Carolina Counties have not landed well with County Boards of Elections.

Six county election boards have already disposed of Chief Justice Beasley’s Protests unfavorably. Six others have asked the Beasley campaign to withdraw its protests so as not to waste the time and resources on the meritless claims. A couple of county boards have set the protests for evidentiary hearings on party line votes but, in doing so, cast doubt on the merits of the protests.

Even the nakedly partisan state board of elections could not stomach taking the Beasley protests for expedited review and informed Beasley’s counsel that all the protests would have to go through the county board process. The Beasley campaign has not yet been able to convince any county board to add a single vote to its total out of the more than 2000 Democrat votes the campaign is seeking to revive and have even been forced to withdraw some of their meritless claims.

“As county boards look into the substance of the Beasley protests, it is apparent that the affidavit from their New York data team is chocked full of falsehoods and errors,” said NCGOP Press Secretary Tim Wigginton. “Their claims are so weak that they cannot even gain the confidence of a single Democrat controlled election board. It is becoming clear that the Beasley Campaign and the North Carolina Democrat Party are seeking to overturn an election based on, at best, inaccurate affidavits filled with bad data. The Beasley campaign should immediately withdraw their frivolous protests and allow the county boards to focus on completing the recount."

In a big blow to the Beasley campaign’s effort, Mecklenburg, Forsyth and Cumberland became the latest county boards to reject Beasley’s efforts. The following counties have dismissed the Beasley protests: Mecklenburg, Cumberland, Forsyth, Rowan, Montgomery and Clay. These counties have asked the Beasley campaign to withdraw their meritless complaint: Transylvania, Jackson Beaufort, Polk, and Terryll. The Beasley campaign withdrew their complaint in Stanly County. Guilford, New Hanover and Lee Counties have set evidentiary hearings on the protests