Cal Jr. Claims Critical Race Theory Doesn't Exist

July 27, 2021
For Immediate Release

Raleigh, NC -- Cal Jr. (Jeff Jackson) refused to answer a voter’s question about his position on Critical Race Theory and even said it “doesn’t exist.” 

“Democrats like Cal Jr. are starting to panic as they realize Critical Race Theory (CRT) is not only dangerous and divisive, but also a political loser,” said NCGOP Press Secretary Livy Polen. “As North Carolina Democrat Senate candidates dodge questions regarding CRT, parents, school boards, and Republican leaders are acting to rid the public education system of CRT’s corrosive effects.”

Here are just a few examples of Critical Race Theory being taught in North Carolina:

  • The Charlotte-Mecklenberg Board of Education paid Ibram X. Kendi, a proponent of Critical Race Theory, $25,000 to speak at an event. 
  • Wake County offered a teacher training course entitled “Intro to Critical Race Theory.”
  • The Durham City Council recently passed a resolution that asks state and federal representatives to “work to ensure… critical race theory is included in our students’ public school education.”
  • The North Carolina Association of Educators President Tamika Walker Kelly vowed to teach Critical Race Theory “even if illegal.”

The following North Carolina County School Boards issued resolutions against Critical Race Theory: 




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