NCGOP Calls on Cooper to Restore Voter Confidence by Signing the Election Day Integrity Act

NCGOP Calls on Cooper to Restore Voter Confidence by Signing the Election Day Integrity Act

November 18, 2021
For Immediate Release

Election integrity is a top issue for North Carolina voters. In fact, according to this poll from March 2021, the issue is only second in importance to ‘jobs and the economy,’ and election integrity surpasses other top issues such as education, healthcare, and immigration.

That's why signing the Election Day Integrity Act the N.C. General Assembly just sent to his desk should be a top priority for Governor Roy Cooper, as well.

In the weeks prior to the 2020 elections, a flurry of reckless last minute rule changes by Democrats weakened ballot protections, injected even more uncertainty during uncertain times, and undermined confidence in the integrity of our election processes and the Rule of Law. The dubious extension of absentee ballot acceptance deadlines led to election contests dragging on for days, or weeks as eligibility standards were thrown into disarray.

The Election Day Integrity Act eliminates this damaging and protracted uncertainty with the reasonable solution of aligning absentee ballot acceptance deadlines with the close of polls on election day.

It's no mystery why so many North Carolina voters place election integrity and common-sense ballot protections at the top of their list of concerns - Democrats played games with election rules, undermining the Rule of Law and losing the People's trust.

"Gov. Cooper owes it to the People of North Carolina to sign the Election Day Integrity Act," said NCGOP Chairman Michael Whatley. "We're lucky to have fared better than other states, but we must restore the lost trust in our elections and that starts with reestablishing common-sense rules like those in this bill."

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