Exclusive Leaked Video: Governor Cooper's Actual Message On SB 37

February 24, 2021
For Immediate Release 

Raleigh, NC -  With each passing day, North Carolina kids shut out of their schools are falling behind. Still, Governor Roy Cooper has refused to issue a decision or definitive comment on the school reopening bill bipartisan supermajorities of the general assembly sent to his desk seven days ago. However, the North Carolina Republican Party was able to track down this video message from the absentee governor. The message is clear: he wants schools to remain closed.

“Cooper’s evasion and delay is giving a clear message to North Carolina kids and parents: schools will stay closed until teacher union bosses and the Biden administration give him the green light,” said NCGOP Communications Director Tim Wigginton. “In spite of his rhetoric, Cooper’s actions show he will continue to stand with his leftwing political allies and special interests above the clear science and interests of North Carolina families and students."