Roy Cooper Should Demand That Andrew Cuomo Resign As Chair Of The National Governors Association

March 4, 2021
For Immediate Release 

Raleigh, NC - Current DGA Vice-Chair and upcoming DGA Chairman Governor Roy Cooper should call on scandal-plagued New York Governor Andrew Cuomo to resign as the Chairman of National Governors Association. Cooper quickly called on Ralph Northam to resign following Northam’s yearbook surfacing, and Cooper quickly called on former NC House member Duane Hall to resign following accusations similar to the ones leveled at Cuomo. 

Cuomo has ruled out resigning and has already committed to running for reelection in 2022. Cooper has always put partisan politics first and will likely support Cuomo’s reelection bid as the DGA chair no matter what.

However, the National Governors Association is a bipartisan group that works together to leverage resources from the Federal government and promote best practices for state government. The taint of Cuomo’s mounting scandals at the very least will distract from the NGA’s ability to effectively advocate for states during a critical time during this pandemic. Democrat Governors like Cooper should publicly demand that Cuomo step down so the work of the NGA goes on untainted by Cuomo’s scandals.