Governor Cooper Locks Kids In Failing Virtual Schools By Vetoing SB 37 While Releasing Thousands Of Convicted Criminals.


February 26, 2021
For Immediate Release

Raleigh, NC - Earlier this week the North Carolina Republican Party published exclusively leaked video of Governor Cooper’s plan to keep kids locked in failing virtual schools with his veto of SB 37. Surprisingly, Cooper agreed to a settlement with far left activists to release thousands of convicted criminals. It is appalling that while releasing thousands of criminals from prison; Cooper is locking North Carolina kids in failing virtual schools. 

“Governor Cooper vetoed SB 37 to keep as many kids as possible locked in failing virtual schools at the same time he’s actively settling with left wing activists to let thousands of convicted criminals out of prison,” said NCGOP Communications Director Tim Wigginton. “Cooper is letting criminals out of jail and locking our kids in failing virtual schools.” 

The Republicans in the General Assembly quickly took decisive action to reopen schools utilizing safety guidelines published by DHHS. The science has been clear since July and continues to be confirmed by study after study. This is why experts such as the Biden administration’s CDC director, Dr. Fauci and North Carolina’s Mandy Cohen have advocated for kids and teachers to return to school. In fact, Cooper has even said that it is safe for kids to return to school right now

The North Carolina Republican Party released the video to clearly illuminate the latest chapter in Cooper’s anti-education policy. SB 37 passed with enough bipartisan support to override Cooper’s veto. The question is whether or not these Democrats will support what is right for North Carolina kids or cave to Cooper’s craven partisan games?