Cal Cunningham Agrees With Biden On Everything

September 8, 2020
For Immediate Release

RALEIGH, NC -- In a recent interview with Politico’s James Arkin, Cal Cunningham was asked to name one issue where he disagreed with Joe Biden, but Cunningham couldn’t think of a single issue where he differs with the former Vice President.

From Politico:

  • Cunningham, when asked about where he diverged from Biden, cited “voices within our party” who have pushed for defunding police departments, pointing out he has called for increased investment in law enforcement. He also cited his support for a public option and opposition to Medicare for All and eliminating private health insurance. When it was pointed out that those were issues where he and Biden agreed, Cunningham said his focus was on Tillis and North Carolinians, but that he was “confident there will be some places where Joe Biden and I diverge, and I'll evaluate those as they come."

“From the very beginning of his campaign, it’s been clear that Cunningham is nothing but an empty suit for the radical left who was handpicked by Chuck Schumer to implement their extreme liberal agenda,” said NCGOP Press Secretary Tim Wigginton. “The fact that Cunningham still doesn’t have a point of disagreement with Joe Biden just proves that he’s in lock-step with the Democrat party and will support every far-left position Biden takes.”

Since Cal Cunningham doesn’t disagree with Joe Biden on anything, here’s a look at some of Biden’s positions that Cunningham will rubber-stamp if he’s elected: