BREAKING: The “Science” Has Now Changed. Cunningham Will Campaign With Biden In Person

Raleigh, NC - After tanking in last week’s debate, Cal Cunningham has now reversed himself boldly declaring that he will “happily appear with Mr. Biden in North Carolina.” This stunning flip flop came after Cal Cunningham only two weeks ago admitted that it’s not actually worth it to meet with voters because of the risks posed by COVID-19. Cunningham has been obeying Chuck Schumer’s orders and refusing to come out of his windowless basement in a deliberate attempt to avoid press scrutiny and answer difficult questions. 

“Cunningham will say or do anything to appease his party bosses which is why after months of hiding in his ‘windowless basement,’ Cunningham is now promising to campaign with another basement dweller in a confused attempt to gin up enthusiasm for their boring campaigns,” said NCGOP Press Secretary Tim Wigginton. 

This is not the first time the “science” has changed to fit Cunningham’s politician agenda. Last week Cunningham drew national attention for casting doubt on the efficacy of the FDA approved vaccine and opposed critical funding to fight the health and economic challenges resulting from the pandemic. Cunningham’s radical vaccine position stands in stark contrast with scientific experts like Dr. Fauci, demonstrating the extreme positions Cunningham will espouse to appease his radical party bosses.