On Hot Mic: Cooper Tells Biden That Cunningham’s Scandal Is “Frustrating”

RALEIGH, NC -- During Joe Biden’s visit to North Carolina yesterday, Governor Roy Cooper told Biden that the Cal situation “is frustrating” and Cal Cunningham was notably absent from Biden’s campaign stop. Cunningham’s “situation” is an extramarital affair with the wife of a disabled combat veteran, his current investigation by the U.S. Army Reserve and new reports of a second mistress

“Cal Cunningham’s sex scandal is dragging down Democrats statewide and it’s no wonder that Roy Cooper called Cunningham’s misconduct ‘frustrating’ and that Biden wasn’t campaigning with him,” said NCGOP press secretary Tim Wigginton. “Members of Cunningham’s own party are distancing themselves from him because they know his affair has exposed his campaign as one big lie. Cunningham is a dishonorable hypocrite who will put himself before the people of North Carolina time and again.” 

Cal Cunningham has been excluded from multiple Democratic initiatives since news of his extramarital affair broke. A fundraiser Cunningham was participating in with Sen. Duckworth was “postponed” and he was removed from a fundraiser for Democratic Senate candidates, an in-state fundraiser and a fundraiser with Chief Justice Cherie Beasley. A town hall that Cunningham was previously scheduled to attend was also canceledfollowing confirmation of Cunningham’s scandal.