BREAKING: Cunningham Received Two Donations From Mistress Around Time Of Their Intimate Encounter In His Raleigh Home

October 15, 2020
For Immediate Release

Contact: Tim Wigginton

Raleigh, NC -- Cal Cunningham's Q3 FEC report reveals that he received two contributions from his mistress Arlene Guzman Todd around the time of his week-long tryst with the wife of a disabled combat veteran in Cunningham's Raleigh home. 


Guzman Todd contributed $35.30 to Cunningham's campaign on July 20, 2020, and contributed another $250 to Cunningham on July 31, which appears to be a physical check. 

The Associated Press recently reported on Cunningham and Guzman Todd's intimate interactions at his Raleigh home, noting that, "Previously undisclosed text messages obtained by The Associated Press and additional interviews show that the relationship extended beyond suggestive texts to an intimate encounter as recently as July....In the text messages to her friend, Guzman Todd told her she was intimate with Cunningham in his home, which she later characterized as 'weird.'"  

The contributions now raise a number of additional questions for Cunningham and his campaign:

  • Were any of Guzman Todd's contributions to Cunningham's campaign a reimbursement for costs associated with their extramarital affair?
  • Did either of his mistress' contributions take place while Cunningham and Guzman Todd were engaging in extramarital conduct in Cunningham's Raleigh home?
  • Was the $250 from Cunningham's mistress a physical check? If so, was the check physically given to Cunningham in Raleigh? 
  • Was Cunningham's campaign aware of the nature of their (extramarital) relationship?