Yesterday, NC Democrats Confirmed Their Utter Contempt For Our Law Enforcement

Between Cal Cunningham Laughing At Ambushed Police Officers and NC House Democrats Pledge To DEFUND The Police, Democrats Demonstrate Their Contempt For The Police 

September 15, 2020
For Immediate Release

Raleigh, NC - North Carolina Democrats sunk to a new low yesterday as their nominee for U.S. Senate laughed at the mention of two police officers’ ambush during a live televised debate. This disdain for our law enforcement runs deep within the ranks of the North Carolina Democrat Party. Fact checkers confirmed that NC House Democrats are aligned and backed by a group pushing for “Defunding the Police.” Sadly, North Carolina Democrats have backed defunding the police in Charlotte and Asheville.

“Laughing at the ambush of two police officers is disgusting, and signing a pledge to defund the police is a slap in the face to the brave men and women who keep us safe every day,” said NCGOP Press Secretary Tim Wigginton. “Republicans from President all the way down to City Council back the blue and support the men and women who keep us safe. Democrat Cal Cunningham laughed at the ambush of two police officers while Democrats in the statehouse are backed by groups who want to systematically undermine the police. This election voters know that Republicans back the blue while Democrats lead the mobs.”     

Despite his best attempts to run from this anti-police record when confronted on the debate stage, Cunningham, as the president of the North Carolina Troopers Association pointed out in their endorsement of Senator Tillis, supports making it easier to sue police officers. Tillis also has the backing of the North Carolina Police Benevolent Association

Additionally, Cunningham opposes the common sense police reform bill proposed by Senator Tim Scott because Chuck Schumer believes in playing politics, not finding solutions. It is no wonder that Cunningham wants to join with the protestors to “Abolish the Police.