Guilford County Democrats Attack Second Amendment

Raleigh, NC -- Today, the Democrat-dominated Guilford County Board of Commissioners will consider a proposed firearms ordinance that would deprive citizens and gun ranges of their Second Amendment rights. The NCGOP sent a letter to the Commissioners in opposition to the proposal this afternoon.

Lieutenant Governor Mark Robinson said of the Commissioners' outrageous proposal:

"The Guilford County Commissioners' push to forcibly control the rights of law-abiding citizens is not only wrong but dangerous. This new ordinance restricts what you can do on your own property and limits businesses in how they operate. The agenda of the County Commissioners is not about the safety of the people but about pandering to leftist ideology. As a lifelong resident of Guilford County, it is sad to see the County Commissioners focusing on a personal agenda, rather than real issues. County leaders should be focusing on a plan to prevent real crimes, starting with helping the Sheriff's Office recruit much-needed deputies to fill vacancies and empowering them to build trust within the community."

Below are some of the proposal's highlights:

  • Proposed Code Section 11-8
    • Make it illegal to repetitively discharge firearms for 2 hours consecutively or 3 hours cumulatively between 8 a.m. and 9 p.m., even at shooting ranges. 
    • Violations of this ordinance would result in possible civil penalties as follows:
      • $200 for first offense
      • $400 for second offense in one year
      • $500 for 3+ offenses in one year
  • Proposed Code Section 11-1
    • Prohibit shooting—including when hunting—within 150 yards of structures designed for occupation by humans, animals, or livestock. This could potentially include abandoned houses, barns, chicken coops, etc. 
    • Restrict “shooting ranges” (including personal ranges) to the use of only fixed, stationary targets, even though gun ranges frequently offer moving targets.
    • A landowner—who is not even present during the discharge of any firearms on their property—would be subject to a $500 civil penalty.
    • Violations of this ordinance would result in a Class III misdemeanor along with a $500 criminal fine and could result in an additional $500 civil fine.


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