NCGOP Statement on Alleged Misuse of Funds, Illegal Electioneering by Guilford County Government

NCGOP Statement on Alleged Misuse of Funds, Illegal Electioneering by Guilford County Government 

April 27, 2022
For Immediate Release

The N.C. Republican Party is alarmed following revelations about the misuse of public funds and probable campaign finance violations stemming from Guildford County government's biased promotion of specific ballot referenda. Specifically, the County is alleged to have leveraged government resources to promote passage of an enormous $1.7 billion school bond referendum as well as a ballot referendum to raise sales tax rates on the people of Guilford county.

The County used government websites, literature, and video productions to, not merely provide information, but to aggressively promote passage of these political ballot initiatives. In an official letter from his attorney, Alan Branson has requested the County Board of Elections, State Board of Elections, County Attorney, State Treasurer, and State Auditor open an investigation into the illegal use of public funds. The County is even accused of registering high school students to vote for the express purpose of supporting these political referenda. Not only are school administrators more than willing to indoctrinate our kids, now the schools and county government are attempting to indoctrinate voters too. 

This is an illegal use taxpayer money to enable the further taking and spending of taxpayer's money - a feedback loop only embraced by corrupt officials with no respect for the Rule of Law.

Here, a Democrat-dominated county government has apparently taken it upon themselves to run a political campaign using taxpayer money and county resources to promote a specific political outcome. The N.C. Republican Party supports the NC GOP District 6 in its call for transparent, unbiased, politically neutral information on ballot initiatives coming from county governments and associated agencies - not illegal electioneering from Democrat officials who are legally obligated to know better.

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