NC Supreme Court Ruling On RJA Continues The Liberal Courts Attempt To Undermine The Will Of The People

June 8, 2020
For Immediate Release

RALEIGH NC- On Friday, the extremist leftwing majority on North Carolina Supreme Court continued their habit of legislating from the bench and quietly released a series of radical opinions changing existing laws. The first among these was their opinion in State v Ramsuer and State v Burke where the Democrat majority on the Supreme Court used the Racial Justice Act to essentially end the enforcement of the death penalty in North Carolina.

"We can not have a functioning constitutional republic if the judiciary decides to play legislature," said NCGOP Press Secretary Tim Wigginton. "The liberal majority decision on RJA undermines justice and our democratic system. The court has undemocratically done what Democrats in the legislature have tried for years to do and failed. We need to elect judges that will uphold fair sentencing instead of interjecting their liberal ideology to prevent justice from being served." 

This particular case shows the unjust consequences of the liberal Court's radical interpretation of the RJA. The defendant was convicted of two first degree murders and armed robbery. The jury convicted him after watching a security video of him entering the store and shooting the victims and stealing between $90 to $100 and leaving the store. North Carolina law clearly defines that as a capital crime; however, the Court's radical interpretation of the now-repealed RJA would allow for this person's sentence to be reduced to life in prison. If the liberals on the Supreme Court want to change the law, they should run for the legislature instead of trying to make laws for the bench.