Ruling by Democrat-Majority N.C. Supreme Court Usurps the Will of Voters

Ruling by Democrat-Majority N.C. Supreme Court Usurps the Will of Voters 

August 19, 2022

For Immediate Release

RALEIGH, N.C. – Today, four liberal activists on the North Carolina Supreme Court invalidated two constitutional amendments that were passed by an overwhelming majority of voters in 2018, relying on purely partisan interests rather than sound legal reasoning. This outrageously political ruling is not only an affront to the Rule of Law, but also an insult to the voters of the State of North Carolina. 

As the dissenting justices assert, this “is a radical departure from mere judicial review as this court expands its reach beyond constitutional guardrails and unilaterally amends the constitution for its own reasons.”

The Constitution makes clear that the People—through their elected representatives, not activist judges—make the law in this state. With this decision, the Democrat majority on the N.C. Supreme Court have suppressed the voice of the people and substituted their personal partisan desires instead.

“This is the most tortured legal theory the North Carolina Supreme Court has ever used in its storied history,” said Chairman of the N.C. Republican Party Michael Whatley. “The fact that Justice Ervin would allow himself to be the deciding vote in striking down the votes of more than 4.1 million North Carolinians is proof positive that he is not fit to serve on this Court.”

Under the absurd logic advanced by the four radical liberals on the N.C. Supreme Court, every single action taken by the N.C. General Assembly during the period in question would need to be invalidated. Every law, every tax cut, the entire state budget, and the additional Constitutional Amendments placed on the ballot and passed by the people – all would be null and void.

However, instead of applying this absurd logic uniformly, the activists on North Carolina’s highest court are applying their reasoning solely to two favored political targets for elimination – Voter ID and tax rate limits. This disgraceful act from the most activist court in our state's history sends a clear message to North Carolina voters - that this Court will continue to run roughshod over our Constitution in order to advance their radical political agenda. 

In November, the People will elect Conservative Judges who will fulfill their duty to uphold our Constitution and laws, honor the Will of the People and end this type of nakedly political activity by the NC Supreme Court. 


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