NCGOP Calls On Democrats To Disavow Congressional Candidates Moe Davis NC-11 After Extreme Tweets Emerge

September 9, 2020
For Immediate Release

Raleigh, NC - The North State Journal published a story highlighting several repulsive tweets, including an explicit death threat. The tweets from Congressional Candidate Moe Davis are truly disturbing, but fit in with his pro-terrorist record. Davis justified his curb stomp threat by explaining that he was upset about the Republican victory in the 9th district special election. However, it appears that Davis regularly fantasizes about harming Republicans.

Sadly, Davis’s violent threats are not the only deranged things that he tweets. He tweetedsexist, xenophobic statements at First Lady Melania Trump, and Davis maliciously slanders President Trump’s supporters by comparing them with the KKK

“Moe Davis' tweets demonstrate that he is unfit for office. He should drop out now and apologize for his threats,” said NCGOP Chairman Michael Whatley. “The DCCC, Cal Cunningham, Roy Cooper, Josh Stein, and all of Moe Davis's liberal allies should disavow his hateful threats and racist comments."  


National Democrats Who Back Congressional Democrat Moe Davis

Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee is actively supporting Moe Davis.

Cal Cunningham campaigned with Moe Davis. 

US Senator Tammy Duckworth is actively supporting Moe Davis. 

North Carolina Democrats That Support Moe Davis

Governor Roy Cooper has endorsed Moe Davis

Attorney General Josh Stein campaigned with Moe Davis.

NC Senate Candidates Edward Phifer, David Wheeler, Brian Caskey, Julie Mayfield, and Victory Fox campaigned with Moe Davis

Buncombe County District Attorney Todd Williams endorsed Moe Davis.

Former Obama Ambassador to India Richard Verma endorsed Moe Davis.

Liberal Special Interest Group That Back Moe Davis

North Carolina Associations of Educators endorsed Moe Davis.

Progressive Turnout Project endorsed Moe Davis.

Moms Demand Action endorsed Moe Davis.

Planned Parenthood endorsed Moe Davis.

Vote Vets endorsed Moe Davis

Equality NC endorsed Moe Davis.

Sever America, backed by US Congressman Seth Moulton, endorsed Moe Davis

AFL CIO of Western North Carolina endorsed Moe Davis

Sierra Club endorsed Moe Davis.