NCGOP Statement on Redistricting Case Decision

NCGOP Statement on NC Supreme Court's Partisan Opinion


February 4, 2022

For Immediate Release

While the N.C. Republican Party is disappointed in the N.C. Supreme Court's partisan decision to throw out maps duly crafted and enacted by the legislature, we are not surprised.

From the outset Democrats made clear their intentions of leveraging an activist judiciary to seize political gain despite the Republican-led legislature's open, transparent, constitutional process. The NCGOP looks forward to another open, constitutional process for the legislature to redraw these maps and sincerely hope the constitutional order is not upended yet again by Democrats writing policy from the bench.

"We are extremely disappointed that the four Democrats on the N.C. Supreme Court have chosen political expediency over reason in order to invalidate the maps drawn by the N.C. General Assembly," said NCGOP Chairman Michael Whatley. "This blatantly partisan decision flies in the face of centuries of judicial and legislative precedent and directly contradicts any plain reading of the North Carolina Constitution."

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