BOMBSHELL: Video Shows Violation Of Election Law Happening While Democrat Officials Watched

Raleigh, NC - Last night, WBTV dropped a bombshell report and released the video showing potentially illegal activities taking place right in front of Anson county election officials. In the videos, you can clearly see Democrat City Commissioner John Montgomery of Lilesville, whose wife is on the ballot as the Democrat nominee for Anson County Register of Deeds, repeatedly entering the buffer and voting areas with voters and even filling out ballots. The video also shows Republican volunteers alerting the poll workers to Montgomery’s legally dubious activity to no avail.

“Attorney General Josh Stein and the state board should launch an immediate investigation into the activities of this Anson County Democrat official uncovered by this report,” said NCGOP Press Secretary Tim Wigginton. “These voting irregularities have potentially tainted hundreds of votes in Anson County and the state board and attorney general must get to the bottom of it before certifying Anson’s county’s votes."

Back in October, dozens of complaints were filed against Montgomery. The Anson county board held an emergency meeting to address these complaints and decided to verbally warn the Democrat operative that he was breaking the law. To pile on the weak action taken by the Democrat county board of election, Governor Roy Cooper’s North Carolina State Board of Elections simply issued a press release on the last day of early voting repeating the rules for campaign workers at polling locations. Apparently, when Democrats break election laws, the State Board is content to remind the public of the rules. The NCSBE spokesman even pushed back on the allegations and told WRAL that the Anson county board had done nothing wrong.

The North Carolina Republican Party sent a letter to Anson County Elections Direction, reiterating the complaints and demanding that the Anson County Board simply do their job. In response, the Anson County Board claimed that the complaints were “unfounded.” The newly released video demonstrates that the Anson County Election officials simply refused to do their job and enforce the law. The State Board of Elections is on the record defending Anson County’s dereliction of duty; however, the newly released video shows that wrongdoing continued after their verbal warning. 

Given the devastating impact of the video on the Democrats’ public relations efforts to cover up their utter failure to enforce the law, it should come as no surprise that Democrat Chairman and Anson County election director claimed that the video did not exist. They even claimed the video did not exist after learning that video did exist of the voting irregularities. We now know the footage from the first few days of early voting was destroyed. It is little wonder why someone would try to delete this video footage after a member of the media requested to access these public records. 

This new video raises scathing questions about the conduct of the election officials:

Would this situation have been treated differently by the Democrat board if the offender was a Republican?

Why did they take no action after their verbal warnings?

Why did they lie about the existence of the video?

Did anyone try to destroy a public record in violation of North Carolina Public Records Law?