NCGOP Statement on Override of SB20 Veto

May 16, 2023

For Immediate Release


We congratulate the Republican super-majority for voting to override Governor Cooper's veto and we welcome the enactment of this reasonable legislation to protect life after the first trimester in North Carolina.

Governor Cooper and the Democrats have proven themselves completely out of step with the values of the vast majority of North Carolinians on this issue. In defense of their radical position on abortion, Democrats resorted to openly bullying those who disagree with them and Republican lawmakers are to be commended for standing up to this desperate intimidation campaign.

"The voters of North Carolina have rejected the radical abortion-on-demand position of Roy Cooper, Josh Stein, and the Democrat Party," said NCGOP Chairman Michael Whatley. "I commend our Republican-led General Assembly for overriding Gov. Cooper's veto of this balanced and widely-supported legislation and moving forward to protect life in North Carolina."

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