Cal Jr. First Legislative Priority If Elected Is Funneling Public Dollars To Political Consultants

Raleigh, NC - Most of Cal Jr.’s (Jeff Jackson’s) first policy priorities are irrelevant for the United States Senate because redistricting is primarily a state issue, not a federal one; one key commitment came out his full-throated support of HR1 “For The People Act.” Much like Cal Jr.’s candidacy, HR 1 looks nice on the outside but rotten beneath the surface. The so-called "For The People Act" is a Democrat take-over disguised as a good government bill. HR 1 was opposed by the left-leaning ACLU because of its restrictions on America’s freedom of speech and funnels public money to political campaigns. 

“It’s not surprising that Cal Jr.’s (Jeff Jackson’s) first policy position would be a largely irrelevant issue that actually suppresses freedom of speech and funnels public money to political consultants,” said NCGOP Communications Director Tim Wigginton. “Cal Jr. once again proves that he’s a complete phony because while he claims to be ‘fighting’ corruption he’s actually enabling it.”