Cal Jr. Votes Against ICE Cooperation Bill

March 11, 2021
For Immediate Release

Raleigh, NC - Cal Jr. (Jeff Jackson) voted against SB 101 which would require local law enforcement to cooperate with ICE agents working to apprehend violent criminals. The last time the General Assembly took up a similar bill, Cal Jr. was absent for the vote in 2019. In an effort to keep up in the race to the left in the Democrat Primary for US Senate, Cal Jr. made sure he was in the NC Senate today to signal that he was on the side of violent criminals, not victims.

Incidentally, Radical Liberal Erica Smith made sure she was there in 2019 to vote against public safety and allow for the continued release of violent criminals back onto North Carolina streets.

“Cal Jr.’s vote against SB 101 confirms that he sides with dangerous criminals, not victims of dangerous sanctuary policies,” said NCGOP Communications Director Tim Wigginton. “Cal Jr. currently represents communities that have had dangerous criminals released into them, and he still does not put public safety first. His vote shows that when it comes to public safety, North Carolina cannot trust him.”


Here’s a list of some news stories about violent criminals who’ve been released back into North Carolina communities because of liberal officials' refusal to cooperate with federal law enforcement.

WBTV ICE: Nearly 500 undocumented immigrants released from NC jails despite detainer

Charlotte Observer Convicted child molester released by NC sheriff who says ICE didn’t get a warrant

WBTV ICE arrests fugitive on rape charges in NC after prior release in Mecklenburg County

News and Observer Inmate wanted by ICE is prematurely released from Wake County Jail, then recaptured

Charlotte Observer Inmate was released from Mecklenburg jail despite ICE detainer. He ended up in a standoff.

Bottom Line: It is clear that liberal officials' refusal to cooperate with federal law enforcement has led to the release of violent criminals back into North Carolina communities. It is also clear that Cal Jr. and Radical Liberal Erica Smith only care about appeasing the woke mob, not public safety.