Cal Cunningham Is Hypocrite On Small Business Relief

Contact: Sasha Duncan
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RALEIGH, N.C. - Cal Cunningham remained silent today as the Paycheck Protection Program, a critical aspect of the CARES Act that has provided over 3,786 approved loans totaling $5.72 billion for North Carolina small businesses during the COVID-19 outbreak, officially ran out of funding. The relief program ran dry because Chuck Schumer and Senate Democrats last week blocked legislation to replenish it with an additional $250 billion. 

Cunningham’s silence is even worse considering that just last night he told Spectrum News, “I hear a lot from small business people who are making difficult decisions about keeping their people employed right now. So, I think Congress is going to need to act on that front.” 

Cunningham’s inability to stand up to Chuck Schumer stands in stark contrast to Democrats like Senator Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ), who said today that the Senate should pass more small business aid by unanimous consent "ASAP."

“Cal Cunningham made clear today once again that he values the financial assistance that Chuck Schumer is providing to his campaign over the financial assistance that North Carolina Small businesses desperately need right now,” said NCGOP spokeswoman Sasha Duncan.