One Week Later Cal Cunningham and Roy Cooper Refuse To Condemn Joe Biden’s Racist Remarks

May 29, 2020

It’s been seven days and Roy Cooper and Cal Cunningham have still refused to condemn Joe Biden’s racist remarks that he made on "The Breakfast Club.Unfortunately, Biden’s racially incentive remarks conform to his signature legislation the 1994 Crime bill, and his friendship with famous segregationists. No wonder the two black candidates during the Democratic Primary, Kamala Harris and Cory Booker, blasted Biden for racially insensitive remarks. 

“Cal Cunningham and Roy Cooper have refused to hold Joe Biden accountable for his racist comments” NCGOP Spokesman Tim Wigginton “North Carolinians expect their leaders to condemn hateful statements and Cal Cunningham and Roy Cooper have failed to do so.”  

Cal Cunningham and Roy Cooper also have their own troubled history with racially charged issues that may explain their silence. Cunningham actively coordinated with DC Dark money groups in order to sabotage Erica Smith, a more progressive black woman also running for the Democratic nomination for the US Senate. According to Smith, Chuck Schumer did not believe an African American could win, so Chuck Schumer, Cal Cunningham’s closest ally, dumped millions of out state dollars to carry Cal across the finish line in the North Carolina primary.

Roy Cooper also has a checkered history on racial issues. Cooper was intimately involved with the racial gerrymandering process. Also, Cooper faced substantial criticism from groups like the NAACP for obstructing actual innocence claims. Given Cal Cunningham and Roy Cooper's checkered background on racial issues, it is not surprising that they are refusing to condemn Joe Biden’s racist remarks. 

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