Democrat J.D. Wooten Attempts to Cover-Up VA Loan Fraud

July 30, 2020
For Immediate Release

Raleigh, NC – On Friday, WXII broke the news that Democrat JD Wooten, running for NC Senate District 24 in Alamance and Guilford counties, used a VA home loan program to buy a rental property. The VA loan program makes it easier for veterans to buy a home by offering special loan terms not available to the general public. To prevent abuse of the program, borrowers are required to use these loans for primary residences only, not rental, investment, or vacation homes. In his interview with WXII, JD Wooten, a lawyer, admitted to violating the terms of the VA home loan and not meeting the residency requirements. 

After getting caught, now Wooten is trying to cover his tracks. Wooten filed his original Semi-Annual Campaign Finance Report for 2019 in July 2019, listing an address corresponding to his voter registration in McLeansville, NC. Two days ago (July 28, 2020), Wooten filed an amended report showing the Greensboro address where he used the VA loan. This address is outside of Senate District 24. Wooten, who is also the treasurer for his campaign committee, did not indicate why he amended the report – over a year since he originally filed it – or offer any proof of the dates he moved into the VA loan house and when he moved out. 

“JD Wooten’s VA loan fraud cover-up demonstrates that he is dishonest and unfit for office,” said NCGOP Spokesman Tim Wigginton. “Wooten admitted that he failed to live up to the terms of his VA loan. Now he is trying to cover it up.” 

JD Wooten’s attempt to cover up his VA Home Loan Fraud leave us with even more questions: 

  • Wooten still did not fulfill the requirements of the VA loan, which stated he had to occupy the house as his primary residence for at least 12 months. Therefore, why did he amend his campaign finance report?
  • Can we really believe that Wooten moved into the house if he is only changing his campaign finance report now, a year later, after getting caught in a lie?
  • If he did move into the Lindell Roadhouse for a time in an attempt to meet the requirements of his VA loan, why did he continue running for NC Senate District 24, a district he was no longer living in? And did Wooten disclose to the donors who contributed to his campaign at the time that he had moved out of the district?

Wooten’s timeline simply doesn’t add up. Sometimes the cover-up is as bad as the original crime – or in this case, VA loan fraud.